Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak Review


Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame  Convertible is no doubt the most popular kayak model on the American market today. You can tell from the features that this is the most advanced product.

It is a great day touring hybrid kayak and can be used for different purposes. It is suitable for tandem and solo kayak. The product is easy and comfortable to use and this can be attributed to the advanced frame.

Apart from that, this makes it beautiful and spectacular in design. Moreover, it functions better than similar designs in water. Because of the unique, paddlers find it fun using the great product. If you are looking for a kayak to have a comfortable and fun time in the water, you can always resort to this great product.

The kayak is unique because of the most advanced features and that is why you can do a lot of things with it when you are paddling. The kayak is solidly constructed.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak- Who is the product is designed for?

This is one of the best kayaks on the market today. It is designed for those who want to have good time in the water. The product is good for solo and tandem paddling.

It is good for anybody who cherishes quality and good kayaks. It has fantastic features that make it durable and suitable for your paddling activities.

The product is meant for everybody because you can hardly get a similar experience elsewhere.


The kayak has the most advanced features and these are beneficial for its users. You are going to like the stern design, its solid bow, high quality three layer constructions, as well as the folding frame.

Strong design:-

Perhaps the greatest thing that sets the product apart from several others out there is the fantastic design and construction.


One of the worries paddlers have over inflatable kayak is whether it can withstand the rough challenges and obstacles it can confront in the water. It appears that the makers of this product know all these when they designed it. It is solidly designed and that is why it can withstand whatever it is subject to by the water current.

Moreover, because of the solid design, you are going to enjoy paddling it even for many years to come. It is designed with the most superior materials available in the industry. The hull is designed with the aluminum front as well as back ribs. It is not surprising that it features a good performing stern and bow. This does not only make the product durable, it makes it lightweight as well.


Another good thing you are going to like in the product is the fact that it makes available plenty of space. The kayak offers in board storage space and this is large enough to accommodate many things. This is a great feature because you are not going to find it difficult to store some of your accessories such as gears. This would provide enough space for you to spread your legs as you enjoy your time in the water.


Moreover, the kayak offers enough space, which is good for those going on a long journey. You are going to relax and feel very comfortable as you move on your long distance journey. The storage space is located at the hatch behind its rear seat. It features a bungee deck lacing. This offers extra space where you can store another accessory. When you use this kind of product, storage is important and you have enough of it in this product.


The most important thing to look out for here is comfort. When you paddle the Advanced Elements AE1007, you are going to like the amazing comfort it would offer you. Designers know pretty well that you could spend plenty of your time in the kayak and they know that comfort should be your priority. Because of this, they came forward with a product that would guarantee your comfort in the water.

Some of the comfortable features you can discover here include the high support seat. Moreover, the seat can always be adjusted to fit your comfort needs. In addition to that, it is padded. From the way the seat is designed, it is certain that it is going to eliminate any fatigue and ensures that you have a very comfortable time.

Moreover, it makes it easy for you to create many seating arrangements if you like. This means that you can always optimize your comfort. Furthermore, it makes available spaces for shirt spray. This product is versatile and comfortable to use.


It has additional convenience features put in place. It looks like a hard shell paddling product and that is why it can track like hard shell kayaks.

Apart from that, it is compactly designed and this makes it highly portable. It is portable because it is lightweight. This is perhaps the most user-friendly inflatable kayak. The parts are not difficult for you to assemble. If you follow the instruction manual, you may not find it difficult to assemble the kayak.

More than that, it has other features that make this product easy and simple to use. One of the convenient features put in place includes the paddle holder.Other convenient features included in the design are the molded rubber handles, as well as high flow spring valves and superior quality air valves. These are features put in place to ensure that paddlers find it most comfortable and convenient to use the product.


Another great feature here is that the kayak is convertible as well as inflatable. It has two seats attached to it and it can be padded as a tandem, you can still remove one of the seats if you like, and converts to a solo kayak.

Furthermore, it has in place decking for solo and tandem and you can purchase that at the market.

If you convert the kayak to solo, you are going to spend more effort to ensure that the product is moving, this is because of the length, as well as the weight, but once you begin to move, it is going to be as smooth as anything. If on the other hands that you paddle it as a tandem, it is going to move with good speed this is because it would start the movement with a good speed.

Good back support:-

Another interesting feature of this product is that it offers a good back support. This is possible because of the foam seats that are included and this seat is decent enough.

Moreover, the backs seat is designed in such a way that it takes more half of your back, especially when you sit against it. Because of the height of the back seat, you are going to enjoy the comfort it offers to you. Though some people say that they feel uncomfortable with the padded back seat when travel with it for a while. However, that should not be an issue because paddlers can always make an alternative seating arrangement to deal with the issue of discomfort.

However, when you have dealt with this issue, you are going to enjoy paddling because it has other comfortable features in place to make you have a good time in the water.


  • The kayak is easy and quick to deflate or inflate.
  • It paddles very fast.
  • It can track straight.
  • The product is both comfortable and durable.


  • It is heavy.
  • Cleaning and drying takes longer process.

Frequently Asked Questions

While paddling can you turn in the opposite direction and face another person?

Yes, it is possible to turn to an opposite direction and face another person


You can see from the features described above that this is one of the most durable, versatile, portable as well as the most functional kayak on the market today.

It is high performing. When you buy the product, you are going to have value for your money. It is designed for your comfort and convenient paddling. The product is rated very high.

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