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What type of bike do I need?

As a guy living in a city, I prefer bicycles not because they are eco-friendly or fun to ride, but I can pass through the traffic jams with ease riding a bike. That is my need for a bike but yours might not be similar to mine. Instead, you might prefer riding on a difficult […]

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Top 10 Best Road Bikes Under $300

Whether you are going green, getting into better shape, or just like to ride bikes, road bikes are more popular than they have ever been. The trouble is, a lot of road bikes can be a bit on the pricey side. Instead of splitting hairs over who uses this kind of brake and who’s handlebars […]

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How to Improve Fitness by Biking

How to improve fitness by biking? It’s not unusual for this question to be discussed by hosts of popular television health shows. Medical studies over the years have proven that biking or cycling can improve your mental and physical state. For instance, you can lower your chances of developing heart disease by 50% if you […]

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