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Best Sit On Top Kayak of 2022

Best Sit On Top Kayak
Written by Ashley Casey

Over the years, kayaking has become one of the most popular sports across the world. This has been in large part due to the invention of sit on top kayaks.

These kinds of water crafts have opened up the sport to a majority of people who had regarded kayaking as inaccessible or risky. Sit on top kayaks are now used extensively for diving, fishing and even photography.

The best thing about the structure of sit on top kayaks is that they can accommodate people with large bodies, long legs and even those with flexibility issues.

Basically, all you have to do is to sit in the depression that is molded into the top. If you’re looking to explore the waters using one of these vessels, we have reviewed some of the best sit on top kayaks.

Best Sit On Top Kayaks Comparison Table:


Product Name

Editor's Rating


Lifetime Tioga

5 out of 5 stars

Malibu Kayaks Express

4.9 out of 5 stars

Lifetime 10 Foot

4.8 out of 5 stars

Perception Kayak

4.6 out of 5 stars

Ocean Kayak Prowler

4.8 out of 5 stars

Lifetime Tamarack

4.5 out of 5 stars

Sun Dolphin

4.6 out of 5 stars

Lifetime Lotus

4.3 out of 5 stars

Sun Dolphin Bali Kayak

4.2 out of 5 stars

Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90

4 out of 5 stars

Things To Consider Before Buying The best Sit On Top Kayak

Buying the best sit on top kayak is not an easy decision for many people. This is because there are a number of factors to consider before such an important decision could be taken.

You have to decide where you going to use or take that boat to such as rivers, lakes, or seas and so on. This will help in determining the type of product you want to buy.

Another factor to consider is the purpose you want to use the kayak for. It can be used for recreational purpose. Others can use it for fishing and other kinds of purposes. You have to decide what you want to use it for before you make your choice.

Furthermore, you have to consider the cost. It is obvious that this type of kayak can be cheaper than the traditional kayaks, but the cost varies. You can make your choice based on your budget. There could be other important factors like longevity, comfort, quality construction, and so on.

Best sit on top Kayaks buyer's guide & review

01. Lifetime Tioga Sit Kayak Paddle

Although pricey, the Lifetime Tioga is the best sit on top kayak that you will find on the market. It’s equipped with advanced features that make your kayaking experience an event to remember.

Features and benefits

A key highlight of the Lifetime Tioga is its sturdy construction that consists of high-density polyethylene. The benefit of using this material is that it’s not damaged by the harsh UV rays of the sun, so you’ll be able to kayak during summer without a worry in the world. Also, this sit on top kayak offers versatility; it comes with numerous footrest positions so as to accommodate different size riders.

The manufacturer has also provided two kayak paddles, allowing you to take a friend along your kayaking trips. Lifetime Tioga, which is available in a lime green color, has a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs.

The Good Stuff:
  • Features a lightweight design.
  • The flat bottom is quite stable.
  • Consists of two 6-inch compartments for ample storage.
  • Adjustable and cozy seat
The Bad Stuff:
  • It must be bought as a pair and that is why you must pay more than five hundred dollars
  • The tracking can be improved.

Summary :- The Lifetime Tioga kayak is a worthy investment. For the price of one high-end kayak, you’ll be getting two well-built and durable sit-on-top kayaks. Plus, the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty, which is one of the longest warranties you can get on any kayak.

02. Malibu Kayaks Express Fish and Dive Kayak

Are you looking for a kayak that you can take on your fishing and diving expeditions? If you are, the Malibu Express kayak makes a strong contender.

Features and benefits

Even though it’s as expensive as our top pick, this kayak has superb features that makes it ideal for just about any activity. With this kayak, you’ll be able to paddle through the waves and reach your favorite fishing spot in seconds.

The Malibu sit on top kayak is constructed using aerodynamic crisp lines. It also boasts a lightweight polyethylene build. Essentially, the Express blends the speed of surfing kayak with the stability of a fishing kayak, creating an ultra-efficient watercraft.

The Good Stuff:
  • It’s easily customizable.
  • Narrow design that makes it stable.
  • Suitable for surfing.
  • It has seats designed for children.
The Bad Stuff:
  • You have to purchase its seats separately.
  • The exterior can become dirty.

Summary :- The Malibu Express is the perfect sit on top kayak for surfers. It’s light and boasts a straight line design that makes it incredibly fast in water.

03. Lifetime 10 Foot Sports Fisher Tandem Kayak

Overall, kayaking is a thrilling activity. But it’s even more exciting when you take a friend, colleague or family member along. For such expeditions, you will need a kayak that can accommodate two people, and there’s no better 2-person sit on top kayak than the Lifetime 10 Foot.

Features and Benefits

Available in a unique camouflage color, the Lifetime tandem fishing kayak is another option to consider. Apart from being cheaper than the previous two models, it boasts a versatile design that facilitates both solo and tandem paddling.

As its name suggests, this kayak is 10 feet long. So it’s compact yet big enough to provide ample storage. Another plus of this kayak is that it can accommodate up to 500 lbs. of weight.

The Good Stuff:
  • Perfect for solo and tandem paddling.
  • Comes with 3 fishing rod holders.
  • Has a rear storage compartment.
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty.
  • The product is UV resistant.
The Bad Stuff:
  • It’s heavy so paddling it is a tad difficult.

Summary :- The Lifetime 10-foot kayak is designed for those who like kayaking with their friends or family members. It features a solid build and has a large weight limit.

04. Perception Kayak Tribe Sea Spray, Blue/White

Some kayakers are not only concerned about the functionality of their watercrafts but also about their designs. If you’re looking for a sit on top kayak with a stylish design, the Perception 13.5 Tribe is just what you need.

Features and Benefits

This kayak is available in three beautiful designs: heyday, seaspray and sunset colors. Weighing 67 lbs. this kayak can accommodate up to three people as its maximum weight limit is 500 lbs. It also boasts a two high back seating system seat that are cozy and adjustable. The molded-in middle seat is suitable for a toddler or pet.

This kayak features a skid plate, which prevents it from damage as you lug it down to the water or when you’re paddling over rocks. Plus, it has two hatches positioned at the front, which are great for holding fishing gear and other equipment.

The Good Stuff:
  • Fitted with a molded-in center seat for accommodating a toddler or pet.
  • Comes with skid plate to prevent it from damage.
  • It can be used in lakes, rivers, and streams.
  • It’s stackable.
  • Available in a range of colors and sizes.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Not suited for demanding tasks.

Summary :- The Perception Kayak Tribe is a great-looking sit on top kayak for the style-conscious buyers. With a length of 13 feet and an extra seat at the middle, this kayak is perfect for those kayakers who want to take along their toddlers or pets.

05. Ocean Kayak Prowler Angler Fishing

The Ocean Prowler sit on top kayak is designed specifically for fishing expeditions. It’s equipped with unique features that make it a superb choice for this activity.

Features and Benefits

The key highlight of the Ocean Prowler is how it blends speed and efficiency with a ton of practical fishing features. It’s 28 inches wide and 13 feet long, making it a bit narrower than most fishing kayaks. But despite this, it’s incredibly stable and has good secondary stability. This enables it to withstand the rough waters and ocean waves.

Another feature that makes it suitable for fishing is the big storage hatch at the bow that has a click seal lock. This compartment will keep all your fishing gear dry thanks to the watertight seal.

The Good Stuff:
  • Provides speed and efficiency in water.
  • It is highly portable and this can be attributed to the lightweight.
  • It offers enough storage spaces.
  • The product features a strong paddle keeper.
  • Foot braces can be easily adjusted.
The Bad Stuff:
  • The seat is not the best for long trips.

Summary :- For the individual shopping for a fishing sit on top kayak, you couldn’t go wrong with this Ocean Prowler mode. This kayak is engineered for speed and efficiency, which is just what you need when fishing in rough waters.

06. Lifetime Tamarack Sit Top Kayak

Are you an experienced or new fisherman looking to go out into the lake on a solo venture? Try the Lifetime Tamarack Kayak, its budget friendly, a work of art and surprisingly stable, which makes it a great choice for first time kayakers.

Features and Benefits

This kayak comes fully loaded with 6-inch rare and front storage accesses. The body is built out of high-density polyethylene with a layer of UV protection for strength and durability.

The seats are well padded for maximum comfort so that nothing comes in the way of your adventure. What’s more, this kayak has two fishing rod holder mounted onto the framing meaning you don’t need to hold your rod as you wait for fish to take the bait.

Moving this kayak from your vehicle to the water is easy, thanks to the T-handles at both ends of the framing. You and your kayaking partner can easily lift and move it around without too much trouble.

The Good Stuff:
  • Great value considering its features versus the price tag.
  • Comes with a paddle.
  • Stable thanks to Rail chain.
  • It features stable flat bottom.
  • Best suited for beginners.
  • Has anti-fading UV coating.
The Bad Stuff:
  • A little slower than most kayaks.
  • Does not accommodate tall people that well.

Summary :- For those who are just getting started on this sport, the Lifetime Tamarack is an excellent sit on top kayak for first timers. And the good thing is that it’s not too pricey and has basic features that will help novice users learn the most from their first-time kayaking adventure.

07. Sun Dolphin Journey Fishing 10 Feet

If you are looking for a perfect ride out in the water, the Sun Dolphin Journey is the best mid-range kayak on the market. It’s cheaper than most kayaks yet it offers you tons of nice features.

Features and Benefits

You don’t need to worry about staying dry as you have fun because this kayak comes with scupper holes to drain off any water that comes in so that you can stay dry the entire time. It has an incredible size to weight ratio that makes it easy to carry around.

Sun Dolphin Journey 10 has inbuilt carriers for your portable accessories. That means your phone or camera comes along with you anywhere you go. There are adjustable foot braces for your feet for a fun and pleasant experience.

The Good Stuff:
  • A lot of room for flexibility and movement.
  • Stable bases ensure you won’t capsize.
  • Has great features for its price.
  • The brand is durable and sturdily constructed.
  • Incredibly lightweight.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Unfortunately, it does not move that well.
  • Has weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Summary :- The Sun Dolphin kayak is neither too expensive nor too cheap, making it a superb choice for kayakers with a mid-range budget. Plus, it has all the features you’d want for a sit on top kayak.

08. Lifetime Lotus Sit Kayak Paddle-Sit On Top Kayak

If you’re looking for a sit on top kayak that is good for tracking and can develop high speed, then you need a fairly narrow watercraft such as Lifetime Lotus. Not only is this kayak suitable for tracking but it can also be used by athlete kayakers.

Features and Benefits

The Lifetime Lotus is constructed using high-density polyethylene, a material that makes it incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver. The whole unit weighs a measly 38 pounds, meaning it’s easy to carry and load onto your truck.

Another plus of this kayak is its cozy seating system that boasts a high back rest. If you like kayaking for long hours, you can rest assured that you’ll be comfortable throughout the paddling process.

If you’ve had to use a traditional kayak before, then one of the problems that you might have encountered was inadequate storage. It is why the Lifetime Lotus provides ample storage room alongside a bungee cord lacing which helps to secure your items.

The Good Stuff:
  • Comes with an easy carry handle.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Made with high quality polyethylene to provide durability.
  • Has numerous footrest positions to suit different sizes.
  • Affordable.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Limited options for color and design.
  • The seat straps slide so the user has to tighten them from time to time.

Summary :- It is apparent this is a great product as you can see from the wonderful features. The product is rated high, and this shows that something good will come out of it. If you want to know whether the product can live up to the expectations, you can try it today.

09. Sun Dolphin Bali Kayak 12 Feet

Even with a limited budget, you can get a quality sit on top kayak like the 12-foot Sun Dolphin model. But despite its decent pricing, this kayak has a lot to offer.

Features and Benefits

In addition to its low price, the Bali sit on top kayak comes with a dry storage compartment, where you can stash all your kayaking essentials. The manufacturer also provides a portable accessory carrier, which comes in handy for storing your car keys, phone, extra water bottle among others.

The exterior of this sit on top kayak is constructed using a high-density polyethylene material called Fortiflex. The beauty about this material is that it’s sturdy and not susceptible to damage, which happens to watercrafts exposed to fresh and salt water. What’s more, this material is UV-protective, meaning that your kayak won’t lose because of intense sunlight.

The Good Stuff:
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Compact enough to fit in a large van.
  • Offers adequate stability.
  • Lightweight; hence easy to carry
The Bad Stuff:
  • Slower than most kayaks because of its hull design.

Summary :- When you are assessing this type of product, one of the things to consider is the features. It has fantastic features and this suggests that it is great. If you are looking for high quality sit on top kayak, this product is a great option for you.

10. Vibe Kayaks Skipjack Sit On Top Fishing Kayak

Often, anglers have a tough time finding a kayak that is compact, light and maneuverable, all the while being ideal for fishing. Luckily, the Vibe Skipjack sit on top kayak checks all of these boxes.

Features and Benefits

The first thing you notice about the Vibe Kayaks is that it’s not big. However, it doesn’t skimp on any features. Available in three colors, this kayak weighs a measly 46 lbs. making it easy to handle, especially if you’re kayaking alone.

With a length of 9 feet and a width of 32 inches, the kayak is also compact enough for easy portability. Plus, it has a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds. This is more than enough capacity for a single angler alongside fishing gear.

Apart from its compact design, this kayak is also incredibly stable. Whether you’re kayaking in calm weather or very windy conditions, the kayak performs really well. The width of the Vibe Skipjack is put to use in storage as it allows for the addition of three sealed hatches.

The Good Stuff:
  • Light enough to carry.
  • Affordable.
  • Adaptable to different water conditions.
  • Comes with four rod holders.
  • Equipped with easy grip handles for portability.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Not the best for heavier paddlers.
  • Slower than longer sit on top kayaks.

Summary :- Even though it’s not the best fishing kayak on the market, the Vibe Skipjack certainly offers great value for your money. It has all the features you need to start fishing and performs relatively well in a variety of water conditions.

If you are looking for the best sit on top kayak, you can start with this product.

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The key to storing your kayak in an apartment is space - with no room for traditional storage, you'll have to turn to less conventional methods.
Fortunately, there are plenty of clever ideas for how to store a kayak without compromising important floating or fishing capabilities. From garden hoses and lawn furniture  to specially made docks on the balcony, these crafty solutions won't cost you anything but time! Of course, if you prefer more predictable storage options there are many locations that offer services not found at home.

If you're an experienced kayaker, then you would know that it is essential to store your boat in a dry area. So the first step should be to find a secure place within your apartment because this can be done by buying wall-hanging hooks and setting them up wherever you want. Or if the floor space is too small, ask for help from a friend or relative who owns a carport or storage unit.

The next thing that needs to happen is that the canoe needs to be cleaned thoroughly before it's put into storage. You do that by using warm water and dish soap and scrubbing with a sponge on any dirt patches found on your boat.

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How to transport a kayak in a truck

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How to increase weight capacity of kayak

This is a tough one. A kayak's weight capacity depends on the type of kayak, its shape, and the materials from which it is made. In addition, you have to think about your body frame and your size. With that said, a Sea Eagle 370 has a max capacity of 450 lbs but a 14 ft sea otter can hold 650 lbs if not overloaded with gear below deck or up high in rigging. As for optimal weights consider soft goods like life jackets and dry bags soft topside weight won't be an issue as long as you're not carrying much gear inside the hulls.

How to get out of a kayak with bad knees


If someone has bad knees and needs to get out of a kayak, we suggest lowering themselves carefully before transferring weight onto their feet, and finally taking a few steps. This might be difficult for some kayakers, but it is the only way to avoid serious injury. Sometimes when getting out of a kayak in rough conditions it can help to allow another person or two on board so you can balance well when moving around.

How we wrote this review-Best Sit On Top Kayak

After more than 40 hours of examining and testing more than a dozen sit on top kayaks in different water bodies, we concluded that these were the 10 best models.

The testing process involved plowing the kayaks through the ocean waves, bouncing them around tree stumps and loading them in trucks to evaluate their portability.

We then picked the best kayaks by assessing their durability, quality of construction, overall comfort and ease of navigation. We also scoured the web to find the most popular models among kayaking enthusiasts. Put simply; we tested each one of these kayaks based on the way individuals would use them

Final Verdict

These are the best sit on top kayak you can buy with money. If you check the features, you can see that they offer the best. They are durable, stable, and comfortable to use.

They have those features required for this type of product. All these products are good and you can make your choice based on your personal preferences, purpose, design, as well as budget.

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