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10 Best Winter Hiking Boots of 2021

Best Winter Hiking Boots
Written by Ashley Casey

Are you planning to go for a hike during the winter season? Do you want to make your feet warm while walking on snow?

Are you in need of a quality boot that can withstand all the winter obstacles and at the same time perform highly?

If yes, then the following review is meant for you.Having a warm and quality boot during your winter hiking will make all the difference in your comfort.

Always treat your feet to a quality pair of winter boots and your winter hike or winter commute will all be more enjoyable.We actually trudged for miles in each boot, via snow and slush, to establish which one gave the best performance.

On that note, in the following discussion are going to look at the best winter hiking boots.

Things to Consider When Before Buying Best Winter Hiking Boots

Before getting yourself the winter hiking boots, there are a number of things to consider. The things are as follows:


Durability:- A perfect choice for the winter hiking shoes ought to be of good material and importantly durable. As if not enough, the shoes should withstand all the winter conditions and crucially serve you longer than you can think.

Price-quality:-The price of winter hiking boots should marry with the quality of the shoe. Even if the shoe is expensive, it should go hand in hand with the quality and performance of the shoe. Do not be enticed to buy a cheap boot that has a very poor quality.

Comfortability:- It’s always recommended that you get a boot that you can comfortably walk with without any strain. The right shoe should be your size and importantly be fitting. Get yourself a comfortable shoe and you will have a comfortable winter hike.

Material:-The material of shoe determines all the other factor. A good material means better performance, comfortability and high quality. Therefore, make sure you choose the right material of your shoe for an excellent experience.

Review Of Top 10 Best Winter Hiking Boots

Editor’s Pick01

01. Sorel men’s bear extreme snow boot.

sorel men's bear extreme snow boot

Sorel men’s bear extreme snow boot is available in all sizes and comes in two colors, black and red quartz. Importantly, the boot can also be used for other activities other than hiking; the activities include, season hunting and fishing, snowmobiling and can even be worn to work on cold days. Additionally, the winter shoe has a synthetic sole and has a waterproof upper that helps in feet protection by keeping them dry.

Its heels measures about 1.25” and it has a removable 9mm recycled felt inner boot which has an Omni-heat reflective lining.

Features and Benefits
  • Wind resistant and durable water PU coated synthetic textile upper.
  • Available I two colors.
  • Suitable for cold work days.


The Good Stuff:

Can be worn to work.
Waterproof in nature.
Guarantees dryness of the feet hence they are comfortable.

The Bad Stuff:

The inner bit of the boot is extra tight.
Heavyweights hence not suitable for long-distance hikes.

Summary :- Good for those individuals in cold environments characterized by blizzards in winter.

Premium Choice02

02. Merrell men’s Moab polar waterproof winter boot

Merrell Men's Moab Polar Waterproof Winter Boot


Merrell men’s Moab polar waterproof winter boot is available in fabric, leather and also synthetic. It is waterproof making it a suitable shoe for hiking during the winter period. It’s sole is synthetic and it has a heel of 1.25”. Hiking in this shoe protects your feet from the water in the winter as it is equipped with m-select dry treatment. When hiking, comfort and support are key features for every hiker. Moreover, the shoe has a molded EVA midsole and footbed and also has an m-select ice grip outsole.

These features make it easier when walking on ice offering adequate support and comfort needed when hiking during winter.

Features and Benefits
  • Made with a durable outer sole traction.
  • It’s outer material is from leather.
  • Has a low heel.


The Good Stuff:

Has good a comfortable feel as it supports the feet without any form of wetness.
A five-star rating when it comes to its quality.

The Bad Stuff:

Not ideal for other seasons apart from winter.

Summary :- Good for cold weather and activities revolving around cold weather of winterBest Value


03. Salomon Men’s X Ultra Winter CS Waterproof 2 Hiking Boot

Salomon Men's X Ultra Winter CS Waterproof 2 Hiking Boot

Salomon men’s X ultra-winter CS waterproof performance boot comes in two colors black and autobahn and is available in all sizes depending on the fit of the buyer.

The shoe is light, supportive and offers comfort when hiking. It is waterproof and hence keeps feet dry and warm in the ice conditions.

The Salomon X ultra-winter CS boot is leather and has a rubber sole. The sole is also made of rubber that helps to support the toes when hiking. The ice grip technology equipped on the outsole makes walking on the ice easier.

Features and Benefits
  • Made with a durable outer sole traction.
  • It’s outer material is from leather.
  • Has a low heel.


The Good Stuff:

Suitable for individuals with narrow feets
Gives a reliable support to the underfoot through its snug that keeps the feet locked in one place

The Bad Stuff:

It’s lacing system is complicated in some it takes a while to get used to it.

Summary :- Recommended for younger people due to their difficulty in usage.


04. Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot


Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot is highly insulated with 400 grams of Thin insulate Ultra insulation to ensure that the feet are secure, dry, and warm and protected when carrying out the activities during the winter season.

The boot is equipped with an Achilles adjustment strap which can be tightened to provide ankle support for uneven terrain. This shoe can be used for other winter activities other than hiking.

Importantly, the rugged cold weather boot is rated -40 degrees Fahrenheit making it survive in conditions of very low temperatures. The rubber sole in this shoe helps keep it waterproof making it comfortable to walk during the winter conditions.

Features and Benefits
  • Waterproof.
  • It’s rugged and waterproof.
  • Inbuilt footbed for extra comfort.


The Good Stuff:

Suitable for individuals with narrow feets
Great for short distance.

The Bad Stuff:

Reported cases of splitting at the seam.
Poor quality of the sole.

Summary :- Recommended for short distances due to their splitting.


05. Columbia men’s bugaboot III snow boot.

Salomon Men's X Ultra Winter CS Waterproof 2 Hiking Boot

The Columbia bugaboot is made of leather and textile and has a rubber sole. Its upper is made of materials that are a combination of leather, nylon and metal hardware. It has an Omni-grip non-marking traction rubber outsole making it easier to walk on ice.

It is a waterproof shoe that helps to offer the comfort that is brought about by the dryness.

The waterproof material also helps in feet protection from infections that are brought about by the winter weather. The shoe is a lightweight making it easier to carry it around when hiking.

Features and Benefits
  • It’s a lightweight shoe.
  • It has an Omni-grip non-marking traction rubber outsole making it easier to walk on ice.
  • Waterproof in nature.


The Good Stuff:

Easy to walk with on ice due to its Omni-grip non-marking traction of the outer sole.
Lightweight hence easy to walk with for long miles.
Has a lot of comfort due to the dryness it brings about.

The Bad Stuff:

Costly when it comes to the price of acquiring it.

Summary :- Recommended for outdoor warm, dry and steady winter walks.


06. The north face men’s Chilkat nylon boot

The North Face Men's Chilkat Nylon Boot

The North Face men’s Chilkat nylon boot is designed to handle the tough conditions that come around when walking on the mountain or on the mountainside. It is made with technology that easily adapts to the cold weather on the mountain or even the weather during winter.

The winter shoe is durable and has a grip that helps when walking on ice. It is made of nylon and leather. With this shoe, there is guaranteed dryness. The icepick on this shoe makes it temperature-sensitive outsole lugs that help increase the traction.

Features and Benefits
  • Durable materials.
  • Manufacturer of this shoe guarantees total dryness.
  • Built with good traction grip for the mountain as well as mountain side conditions.


The Good Stuff:

Very comfortable due to its guaranteed dryness.
Adapts well to mountain environs.
It’s sensitive outer sole lugs boost traction.

The Bad Stuff:

It’s acquisition price is high

Summary :- Recommended for mountain environment as well as mountain activities.


07. Keen men’s summit county waterproof winter boot

KEEN Men's Summit County Waterproof Winter Boot

Keen men’s summit county waterproof winter boot by keen is specially designed to adapt to the winter weather and especially to walk on ice.

The shoe is designed in a way that it gives you a tough grip when walking making it easier to walk on the ice. The Keen men’s winter boots are made of leather with a rubber sole and it is waterproof offering protection of your feet when on the cold places.

Features and Benefits
  • Custom made for the weather of winter.
  • Built with a tough grip.
  • This shoe is waterproof.


The Good Stuff:

Suitable for winter.
Has a firm traction grip.
Very comfortable.

The Bad Stuff:

This shoe is expensive.

Summary :- Recommended for salesmen in cold climates.


08. Columbia men’s Bugaboot II snow boot.

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Ii Snow Boot

Another winter boot brought to us by Colombia is the bugaboot II. The shoe has a waterproof upper that helps keep the feet dry during the hiking activities.

The shoe is designed to withstand conditions of low temperatures of up to -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Colombian men’s Bugaboo II snow boot is long-lasting and mad of light material making it a comfortable shoe for hiking.

Features and Benefits
  • Durable as it’s made from long-lasting leather.
  • Built to withstand very low temperatures.
  • The shoe is light.


The Good Stuff:

Lightweight thus suitable for hiking.
Made of good quality.
Suitable for cold climates.

The Bad Stuff:

It’s expensive.

Summary :- Suitable for those hiking in low-temperature environments.


09. Bererun men’s leather fur lining an-slip rubber sole winter snow boot.

Barerun Winter Mens Snow Boots

Bererun men’s leather fur lining an-slip rubber sole winter snow boot shoe comes in multiple sizes and is available in six colors; black, brown, black orange, brown red, green yellow, and grey-blue.

It is a leather winter boot with a rubber sole. It has a one-piece tongue that prevents wind, sand, water, oil, and gravel from penetrating maximum protection for your feet when hiking.

Bererun men’s leather fur lining an-slip rubber sole winter snow boot shoe can be worn on other occasions other than hiking, these activities include, backpacking, trekking, traveling, camping, climb and outdoor trips.

Features and Benefits
  • Come in 6 colors thus favoring those that are color sensitive.
  • Has an in-built tongue which is responsible for blocking oil, sand, gravel, and wind from penetrating.
  • Used in more than just hiking.4/5
The Good Stuff:

Suitable for trekking, hiking, camping and many for outdoor activities.
Ensures maximum protection for one’s feet through the tongue feature like preventing penetration of materials.
Built out of good quality leather.

The Bad Stuff:

Price is little bit high.

Summary :- It’s suitable for a variety of many outdoor events thus trekking, camping, climbing, and backpacking.


10. Vasque men’s cold spark ultra-dry snow boot.

Vasque Men's Coldspark Ultradry Snow Boot

Vasque men’s cold spark ultra-dry snow boot is affordable and is available in two colors; black and chinchilla. It is a waterproof shoe that keeps the feet ultra-dry and hence increases comfort when hiking.

It is made of synthetic material and rubber soles. It is highly insulated to ensure your feet are kept warm in the cold winter weather and also that the feet are dry. This shoe keeps your feet protected during the activities done during hiking.

Features and Benefits
  • Available in two colors.
  • It’s waterproof.
  • Guaranteed dryness.


The Good Stuff:

Keeps your feet warm and dry.
Affordable when it comes to its acquisition cost.
Suitable for hiking.

The Bad Stuff:

Absorbs water through its exterior softshell.
It’s durability is questionable.

Summary :- Recommended for town hike and not crag and forest ones.

How We Wrote The Review-Best Winter Hiking Boots

Our review is organized to mirror the boot products to wear when going for your winter hiking.

All the information used in the review been thoroughly researched from some of the top sources on the internet, reviews from real users, YouTube videos, periodical memos and the information given by the manufacturers.

This research review is a very significant tool for any buyer who needs to buy winter hiking boots.

It will provide you the key tips to consider, the top features of each shoe and importantly some of the things to expect in the course of using this shoe.

We are more than sure that if you put into consideration each and every piece of information in this review it will be of much significance when you go to the market.

How to tie hiking boots to prevent blisters

When going hiking, the last thing you’ll want is your boot giving you blisters. If your hiking boots are not properly tied, it could easily lead to getting blisters. Using proper knots when tieing your boots would prevent any discomfort while hiking.

How to tie your boots

There are different knots that can be used to tie your boots. The key is to avoid any kind of loosely  tied boot which might lead to injury.

Heel lock lacing

  • Make sure your heel is as far down as possible and tightly secure.
  • Locate the point on your ankle where your foot comes in contact with your leg. Take note of this point.
  • Lace-up your boots and tie a surgeons knot at the point you previously located.
  • Pass your laces on to the next hook and tie another surgeons knot.
  • Finish up your lacing normally as you would at the top of your boot.

This helps to prevent any heel blisters that may arise as a result of loosely tied boots.

How to stop walking boots rubbing ankles?

Walking boots constantly rubbing against your ankles can be very uncomfortable. In some instances, they might even cause blisters. If you are having a problem with your boots rubbing against your ankles this article is for you.

Steps to prevent your boots rubbing against your ankles

1. Size:- Ensure you have the right size of boots. Loose-fitting boots are the number one cause of bruised ankles from rubbing. Having the right size should prevent such occurrences.

2. Moleskin:- Moleskin (a strong fabric made from cotton) can be used to protect your ankles from any rubbing. Simply stick moleskin inside the heel of your shoes to prevent any further rubbing.

3. Antiperspirant:- Antiperspirant helps to keep your heels dry and prevent any rubbing. When your heel is moist, it increases the chances of rubbing and getting blisters on your heels.

So to stop any rubbing you might already be experiencing, these three tips are sure to help you with your problem.

Final Verdict

Searching for the best hiking pair of boots for the winter can sometimes be immense.After pinpointing the type of boot that best suits your needs and preference, other significant factors ranging from comfort, warmth, and protection from obstacle still need to be put into consideration.A perfect winter hiking boot equals to an excellent hike.The above-reviewed list was very significant to me as the author since it gave me first-hand experience and importantly sufficient knowledge so that I could share with my readers.

Additionally, the review is very important to the readers since it will help them make an informed and right decision. Did you like you like our review? If yes, you can always leave a comment and share it with your friends.

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