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Diamondback Recoil 29er Review-Great Starter Bike

Written by Ashley Casey

Full suspension bikes do not need to entirely complicated in design, and this Diamondback Recoil 29er review will show you just why.

When it comes to choosing the ideal bike, there are various features that one should take into account.Some include the frame construction, derailleur design, frame quality, ergonomic features and drivetrain construction among others.

We considered these features and more when evaluating this best full suspension bike. The manufacturers of this bike have shaken things up further with the sleek and aesthetically appealing bike design.

As a result, you are not only sure of an unrivaled biking experience but one that also lets you do so with style.

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This best diamondback bike features suspension forks that smoothen the path ahead of you, and with unique tire grips for various terrain-types.

Other notable features include the alloy rims, ergonomic seats, linear brakes and aluminum construction.

Who is this product designed for

This bike is ideal for anyone who wants to meet their physical activity goals or perhaps those who want a reliable bike for mobility benefits.

Although not be ideal for professional activities, the high-quality design features such as the frame make it ideal for basic riding.



Robust aluminum alloy frame:-

Perhaps one of the most important features of this bike is that it is built using durable aluminum allow, such that you know it's strong.In particular, the aluminum alloy construction comprises a unique mixture of metals that make it ideal for testing biking performances.

As a result, this bike can easily accommodate even the heaviest of users, and on rough terrain. This frame is backed by powerful suspensions and smooth drivetrain for professional level performance benefits.

The manufacturers have also done well to include the butted and formed tubing, which helps to reduce the overall weight of the bike.

On top of that, this unique material construction of the bike means that’s it's lightweight and stiff, and to also provide added compliance.


SR Suntour XCT suspension fork:-

Further lending to the superior design of the Diamondback recoil 29er bike is that the suspension form provides 10mm of travel.

More so, the four inches of the rear suspension will work well to eliminate the discomfort caused by rocks and roots while on the trail.

The unique design of these suspension forks will easily accommodate even the heaviest of users. Additionally, the hand built full-suspension from is powerful, light and features durable material to smooth out any rocky or rough terrains.

Best of all, this suspension is not only design to improve comfort, but to also guarantee several years of robust functionality.

You can simply replace them when they finally wear out and with affordable replacement parts for your needs.


Shimano drivetrain:-

It's important to note that Shimano is one of the big names when it comes to drive train development. As a result, this bike comes with 3x8 shifters, front/ rear derailleurs, and a superior cassette design.

All these components work well to provide a reliable, smooth and responsive shifting experience all through the 24 gears.The added benefit is that the triple crank up placed up front and the 11/32T cassette on the rear hub provides various gear options.

As a result, you can easily claw your way of the steepest hills as you prepare the bike for a downhill test.

Unlike the conventional drive train designs, this particular one is designed to provide professional performance levels and durability as well.

Whether you are riding uphill or downhill, this drive train will perform.


Ergonomic seats and handles:-

Further lending to the high-quality features that are on this bike is that it has ergonomic features.
Simply put these seat and handles are tailor-made with comfort in mind, such that you can ride for long distances without discomfort.

Additionally, the seat and post are simple to adjust, such that you can easily customize the bike to suit your needs. You can now go outdoors and enjoy the best of bike riding, and with a full comfortable bike.

These ergonomic seats are backed by a fully featured bike design, for hassle free experiences. Rounding up these ergonomic features is that they are simple to replace, especially the seat.

disk break

Powerful disk brakes and 29-inch tires:-

Worry not about slowing down since this bike comes with Tektro Aires Mechanical disk brakes, which are up to any biking challenge.

Whether it’s the scrubbing speed or keeping your bike under control, these brakes work well regardless of the weather conditions.

More so, the inclusion of the ample sized 29inch wheels provide optimal motion and are the latest introduction to mountain biking.

These wheels work well to reduce rolling resistance and to reduce the angle of attack, to allow users to roll over obstacles such as logs or rocks with ease.

Best of all, the wheels come with double wall rims, unique spokes construction and aluminum hubs among many others. This is compounded with an all round tread pattern for an enhanced grip and to improve puncture resistance.


  • This bike has a full suspension design.
  • It also comes with ergonomic design features.
  • This diamond bike comes with Shimano shifters.
  • The aluminum frame construction is both lightweight and robust.


  • These Shimano shifters require maintenance.
  • The front shocks get damaged easily especially on rough terrains.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does this bike come with replacement parts or tools?

Does the bike come already assembled?


All things considered, choosing a good bike is important especially if you want one for your mobility of physical activity needs.Based on this diamondback recoil 29er review, we can see that this is a high-performance bike that is suitable for various applications.

It can also accommodate even heavy users and rough terrains We considered all these factors and more when it came to recommending this bike for our needs.

From the powerful frame, exceptional drive train and even the ergonomic features, this bike is a worthwhile investment. It is also simple to assemble and replace the various bike parts when they finally wear out.

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