Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints

Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints

Suffering from injuries, especially in the lower part of your legs, is an incredible disappointment that could reduce plenty of your opportunities, and limit the number of activities you can do.Fortunately, with the medical advancements nowadays, working your way around issues like shin splints is easier than it was before.Technology has advanced to a level that even shoes will help you topple those unpleasant injuries while you can continue doing your outdoor activities as if nothing had happened.Because of that, today we’re reviewing the best running shoes for shin splints currently available in the market.

All of the products listed in this review seek to give you the comfort you need to enjoy incredible moments that you won’t forget.

Top 10 Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints Reviews

The following products come from a variety of manufacturers that want to offer you the best gear for shin splints. Some may be better than others, but choosing the right one depends on your personal preference.

We encourage you to look at everything they have to offer so you can make a final decision without regretting your choice.

​#01. ​Adidas Ultraboost Shoes

adidas Ultraboost Shoes Men's
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Editor’s Rating : [usr ​5]

Adidas have made their bet with these shoes. It takes the best out of their previous UltraBoost, and they’ve taken it to new ground by upgrading its best qualities while getting rid of the issues that customers didn’t enjoy.

The result? A comfortable shoe that offers reliability to do incredible and fun activities, without losing the stability over different areas.

To understand why this shoe is as efficient as it is, we have to take a look at its structure.

Over the midsole, the shoe features a newly improved Primeknit 360 upper. This design offers a full wrap around the foot, and because of that, you now have more support over certain areas of the foot that might need it during your activities.

Also, many people had trouble with the older plastic cage for the midfoot, which is why they’ve removed it from this new shoe model. Instead, now it uses a mesh that keeps possible irritations away, enhancing your experience and your overall performance.

Inside the midsole, we have the Torsion System, which is a unique feature from the brand. Because of it, the shoe offers a smoother heel to toe transition without losing consistency or reliability.

On the back, it includes a modern heel counter that works better than it did in previous versions.

The first noticeable update is that it has become a wire frame wrapped in plastic, instead of an all-around plastic part.

You’ll have more room for your heel, which makes it better when you’re taking doing stuff like jumping or exercising.  It is no longer an issue that restricts your movement, and that makes it a welcomed update that many people have appreciated about this shoe.

All of these features create a shoe that won’t let you down. It might not be the best for those speed enthusiasts, but it does its job when you need a comfortable shoe for long and easy-going runs.


​Beautiful design.
Stretchable and breathable upper.
Flexible outsole.
Cushioning to reduce impacts.


​Not suitable for fast and long distance running activities.

​#02. HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 3

HOKA ONE ONE Mens Clifton 3 Running Shoe
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Editor’s Rating : [usr ​4.8]

An efficient method to satisfy the user’s demands is getting the best of your previous apparel, and use it to create a new model with a new and improved set of features.

That is the case for this pair of shoes. Past models like the Clifton 2 already had an outstanding platform that this model uses. However, it includes a toe box that is slightly wider than the one we’ve seen before.

Nonetheless, other elements of these shoes make it stand out from the other models out there. For instance, the new mesh included in them might feel odd at times, but it is more durable. It provides a thick but soft base for more comfort during each step you take.

The midsole material features CMEVA foam, which is a unique design from the brand that continues providing shoes with rocker technology. It is a particular design that allows the shoes to taper up in both, front and back. We have seen them in work well in snowboard gear, too.

Also, the no-sew speed frame construction creates a comfortable interior capable of reducing the irritation your foot may suffer after a long time of using it.

On the first impression, the look of these shoes isn’t as appealing as previous models from the brand, but it is still proper gear to combine with workout equipment or sports uniforms.

Fortunately, the manufacturers have learned from past mistakes. People used to complain about the upper side of previous models, which were uncomfortably narrow.

That is why they’ve decided to add a wider toe box which makes wearing the shoes more comfortable. The Air Mesh Upper is another advantage, as well. It prevents your feet from getting wet by providing a proper ventilation design.

Overall, the production of this shoe seems more like an idea to compensate for what its predecessors lacked. Does it succeed? Yes, it does. Even though we can’t call it an entire redesign, this shoe offers more benefits that are worth considering.

And even then, they still have a long way to go. They aren’t durable, and they wear down quickly.


No-Sew Speed Frame Production.
Air Mesh Upper provides the ventilation your feet needs.
CMEVA Midsole offers impact protection.


​It is not durable.

​#03. Brooks Men’s Glycerin 17

Brooks Men's Glycerin 17
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Editor’s Rating :​[usr 4.5]

These shoes have earned their place among the best by providing the usual quality, and they continue using the formula to produce comfortable apparel. If you’ve used previous shoes from this brand, you’ll quickly notice that there aren’t many different things; it feels like the same with another design.

Does that make it a bad shoe? No, it doesn’t. It works. And we’ll tell you why. The first thing we noticed about this shoe is the pricing. It is available under the same budget as other high-quality shoes that we’ve reviewed before. Because of that, it isn’t odd to find people wearing them at races or sports.

Although most of it is the same, it does have a redesigned heel cup which not only looks beautiful, but it feels incredible, too. The similarities to older versions start to be noticeable when you take a look at the sole unit. Even then, the reason it works well is that they were and continue offering a comfortable cushion level.

For the shoe midsole, it features the DNA Loft foam. This design adds air and rubber in a structure that was already comfortable for everyone to use, which only makes it better.

The result is a soft and light foam that is both durable and reliable for your activities. Also, the midsole uses the old method of adding grooves in hopes of increasing flexibility, which it does successfully. Another old tradition we continue enjoying is the HPR Plus rubber that they add for the outsole. It is an abrasive material at the shoe’s heel that absorbs the impacts while walking on rough ground.

That structure is an advantage for two reasons: first, you won’t feel uncomfortable while waking; and secondly, it ensures the shoe’s durability doesn’t get compromised.


The dual layer mesh offers breathability.
3D Printer Overlays provides support.
New sock liner design.
HPR Plus Rubber reduces the energy from impacts.
Redesigned DNA Loft Foam.


Not suitable for highly demanding activities such as 400m repetitions from professional sports.

#04. ASICS Men’s Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

ASICS Men's Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe
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Editor’s Rating :​[usr 4.7]

In our search for the best sneakers for shin splints, it is complicated to avoid the next pair of shoes. Everyone has an opinion about it; some people like them, and many others hate it. We always encourage our audience to try them before making judgments or coming to conclusions, but here we are giving you our honest opinion about them. We will begin by mentioning that the manufacturing of this shoe is a pretty thoughtful process to ensure a quality result.

If you put your foot in it and notice a comfortable platform, that’s because there are seven different materials, at least, to create a comfortable sole; you have the plush insole, the liner, a foam layer, the gel, to name just a few of them.

These materials combine well with the FluidRide Midsole, which allows you to have a comfortable bouncing during your steps, and it also helps improve the durability of the shoe by reducing the impacts caused from the weight. Also, the FluidFit Upper is another incredible design that features a stretch mesh to adapt to the most demanding athlete’s foot. It creates a comfortable grip around your feet, which prevents slipping, especially when you’re practicing intense sports, or doing outdoor activities.

The shoe holds tightly onto your feet thanks to the Heel Clutching System. It features a high-quality plastic heel counter to give you the stability you need. Although it does not have a tension distributor like other brands and models, the metal eyelets tend to have a longer lifespan than most. They work efficiently to help you distribute the lace tension.

When you take a closer look at it, there are many benefits of using this shoe. The only issues people could have with it are the price and the narrow toe box. Other than that, there is nothing but good things to say about this product.


​Efficient Gel Cushioning System prevents your foot from getting hurt by absorbing impacts.
The FluidFit technology used for the upper part of the shoe allows it to stretch and adapt to your foot.
It keeps your foot dry and ventilated.
It features a rubber sole.


​These shoes are heavier.
High price.

#05. Brooks Glycerin 14 For Men

Brooks Mens Glycerin 14
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Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.​6]

The brand takes pride in promoting this shoe as their ultimate ultra-cushioned shoe. But, when you look at it closely, you can notice that it is more of a redesign than anything else. That is because it offers plenty of features that were present in past models, such as the Glycerin 13.

It features a foam midsole that gives the users the comfort they need while they are using the shoes, whether they’re walking, running, or jogging.

The midsole tapers in the area of the toes, which helps the shoe keep up with your rhythm. Also, the outsole features a large amount of rubber to give you a comfortable experience, even after walking plenty of miles. More so, the entirety of the outsole design has rubber that covers it.

Because of it, the shoe is capable of being highly flexible, which comes in handy when you are practicing sports and need protection for your ankles when you have an awkward landing that could lead to an injury without proper gear.

It is not the most flexible shoe, but it is enough to practice sports and to do outdoor activities. For the upper design, it is not that different from previous models, which is a benefit because past versions worked well. On this shoe, the upper part is seamless, and it includes a mesh to prevent moisture and other elements from ruining the fabric of the shoe.  It provides the ventilation necessary to keep everything fresh inside. The mesh is a benefit that users might not notice under the first impression.

We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that this shoe does not have a proper ventilation design because it looks so compact from the outside.

Also, it includes the 3D overlays and the saddle that you can adjust and control through the lacing. It is worth mentioning the saddle, as well. Adjusting it is pretty simple, and it gives you the option to customize the shoe to fit your foot comfortably.

If we were to say anything about this shoe, is that people shouldn’t underestimate it. It might have its disadvantages such as not having the feeling of being cushioned and soft as other shoes, but it is still comfortable to wear, and it will protect your feet.


Has a lot of improved and incredible features from old versions.
Comfortable DNA foam for the midsole.
Plenty of rubber to make it flexible.
3D printed overlays.
Adjustable saddle.


​It is not as cushioned as other models.

​#06. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 11

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Vomero 11 Running Shoes
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Editor’s Rating: [usr ​4.​7]

​Our following shoe is suitable for different weather conditions and sports. It seeks to meet the expectations of runners who often try to achieve new goals performing outdoor activities, especially over flat routes. Because of that, the best area to use this shoe would be on the concrete, in the cities.

Naturally, the ground where you use it depends entirely on what you’re doing, but it also works well over soft ground, too. The comfort of this shoe is possible because of the midsole, which is capable of fitting a variety of foot of different sizes, and shapes. It is also suitable for a variety of sports.

You can tell it is a high-quality shoe because your feet stay tight inside without sliding forward, even when you’re running on angled areas or downhill trails.

It prevents your toe from impacting over the surface or against the front side of the shoe, which is always a benefit when you don’t want to receive unpleasant injuries during your activities.

Also, the Flywire design features cables wrapping around the midfoot, which gives us more support and a secured lockdown of our feet. You can adjust it thanks to the plush collar. This feature ensures you have a soft and comfortable use of the shoe, regardless of where you decide to use it.

To maintain the traction it features a rubber outsole that will secure every step of the way you take. It makes the shoe gain solid ground, avoiding accidents. The only issue noticeable in this shoe would be the lack of proper room for the toe box section.

More space would have been much better because it would allow you to have enough area for your feet if by any chance you slip.

Finally, another disadvantage of using this shoe is that it doesn’t have the proper forefoot width. If it had, it would have done a better job in absorbing possible impacts that you might receive while running.

The price does not make it an affordable shoe for everyone, but it will serve you well for a long time.


Features a high-quality mesh.
​Includes a rubber sole.
The Flywire technology gives you the support you need.
The plush collar allows it to fit your foot comfortably.
Lunarlon foam provides extra cushioning.


​More space for the toe box would have been better in absorbing impacts.
High price.

​#07. Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Shoe

salomon men's speedcross
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Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.3]

​​When you put your foot in this shoe, one of the first things you’re going to notice is how comfortable it is. The reason for that is that it includes padding in every direction you touch, with sure lace technology that will keep your foot at the right place without feeling awkward or hitting with the upper side.

Even then, it might present some issues while you are running. You see, in comparison to other models in this list, this shoe is narrower, which could complicate your experience if you’re taking part in an outdoor activity, especially if it is highly demanding.

Because of this, you will face two other problems: one, ventilation issues that could cause sweaty and uncomfortable feet incidents and secondly, it could ruin the interior of the shoe and its durability. But what about foot protection? Well, it lacks a proper rock plate for the forefoot, but it tries to compensate for that by using EVA cushioning which should be responsible for absorbing the impacts.

It could be better, but the EVA design offers you a certain level of protection for your foot. One of its advantages, though, is that it allows you to have more sensibility to feel the ground when you are out there. Overall, it is a stable shoe, but it is not the best one. Many other brands are capable of providing the security your foot needs with just as much comfort.

If that’s the case, why should I consider buying this shoe, then? They are highly suitable for mountain running. It shines the most under those environments where you’ll need traction, such as mud trails, snow areas, grass fields, or rocks.

It is in those circumstances that you’ll get the best out of these shoes. No doubt they are comfortable, but they come short when it comes to stability and higher protection for your foot. Make sure they are compatible with your outdoor activities because they are available at a rather high price and you’d waste money if you want to use it for something they can’t fulfill.


Highly comfortable shoes.
Provides incredible traction over different surfaces.
Durable and high-quality shoes.
Rubber sole.


​Lacks stability.
​High price.

​#08. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vomero 13 Shoe

Nike Women's Air Zoom Vomero 13 Running Shoe
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Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.2]

​​The sole material used for the creation of this shoe is not different from previous models. It includes the Lunar foam, which has dual-density qualities, and it is quite soft. You’ll find it right at the top, combining with the cushioned midsole for more comfort.

Below the heel of the shoe, you’ll notice the Zoom Air lightweight units to accommodate your heels. It makes it an option suitable for heel-strikers.

For the outsole, it uses rubber, which is more than capable of giving you the traction you might need over different surfaces. It is nothing innovative, but it is more efficient than other models. The reason for its success is because of its pressure-mapped construction. It makes the shoe highly flexible and comfortable. All of these features make the sole unite one of the best features this pair of shoes has to offer.

Now, the upper side is a whole different deal. While the sole unit features quite innovative features, the upper part is a redesigned model from previous shoes from the brand.

Even then, it has new things, too. One of those new additions would be the circular-knit design. The knit allows you to open the shoes and have ventilation. Also, like previous versions, this shoe includes Flywire technology, as well. It locks your feet in place, making you resist against sudden movements or impacts.

Nonetheless, there are certain occasions where you might think buying this shoe was a poor decision. They take some time for you to get used to it, but after you do, you’d be able to take full advantage of its benefits. There is another issue you might encounter while using it, which is the toe-box. It is narrow, and sooner or later, it will start to make you feel uncomfortable.

Overall, the price of this shoe makes it an affordable buy that works well under specific circumstances. If you’re looking for the best running shoes to prevent shin splints, you might consider buying this product, because you don’t even get to use them that much due to its poor durability.


​High-quality cushion design.
Beautiful appearance.
Dual-density, comfortable midsole.
Zoom Air makes the heel section lightweight.
Affordable price.


​While you could consider it the best walking shoes for shin splints, they are not suitable for running activities.

​#09. Saucony Men’s Zealot Iso 2 Shoe

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Editor’s Rating: [usr ​4]

​​When you first look at this shoe, you’ll notice that it features plenty of ideas from other brands that have proven their value by creating high-quality running shoes.

It features a carbon rubber, which is highly durable. This material covers both the heel and toe sections of the shoe. For the sole midsection, it has blown rubber that surrounds it, giving you a cushioned area.

Another reason why this shoe is an improvement from other version is because of the updated Tri-Flex design. What does it do? It makes the shoe capable of flexing, which is convenient when you’re practicing sports, or out there in the open.

Also, this shoe makes good use of the EVERUN design. It has a thin layer that you can feel right under the shoe’s insole. There is always the discussion of which one is better, EVERUN or EVA foam. For us, there’s no competition, and the EVA design always comes on top.

However, it doesn’t mean EVERUN isn’t efficient. It is pretty similar to other high-quality foam material, such as the Boost Foam from Adidas.

One of the disadvantages of using the EVERUN foam is that it doesn’t provide the stability you may need under specific circumstances.

While it is true that you could consider it among the best walking shoes for shin splints, other options in this list will give you more support for high demanding activities.

Fortunately, it compensates for the lack of stability in other areas. One example would be the Powergrid+ system, which gives us plenty of cushioning, sometimes even more than other high-quality shoes that are more expensive.

The upper part includes the ISOFIT, which is a well-known sleeve that has similar functionality to the upper tongue in other shoes. With this design, you’d be able to slide the foot comfortably inside. The FlexFilm is another one of its benefits.

Furthermore, it strengthens the upper side of the shoe while staying lightweight. But that doesn’t mean it is lighter than most standard shoes. The weight of this model is 1.2 ounces more than its predecessors, which could be a problem for certain runners that want to do outdoor activities.


Tri-Flex design makes it flexible.
EVERUN cushioning absorbs impacts.
ISOFIT design provides easy access for your foot.
Zoom Air makes the heel section lightweight.


​It is heavier than previous models.

​#10. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14 Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14 Mens Running Shoes
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Editor’s Rating: [usr ​4]

​​Our next option, even though it is in the final spot of our list, it is a shoe capable of competing with the best and more popular shoes out there.

The sole unit of this shoe takes a design we had seen from other brands, with a blade-like appearance. For your comfort, it includes the updated React foam, which you can find on the Zoom Air area.

What does it do? It gives the shoe the cushioned design it needs to absorb the possible damages that could cause sudden impacts. The React foam keeps your foot secured during every step you take.

For some reason, though, the cushioned forefoot was something they didn’t want to pursue while creating this shoe. Instead, the manufacturer focuses on providing a highly comfortable cushion material for the heel.

Also, the outsole design includes rubber for the sides to keep you protected even when you have a rough landing from all angles.

Moreover, its creation uses carbon rubber to give you the necessary traction you need for a variety of activities, from sports to walking or doing activities on the outside, such as hiking or climbing.

Additionally, it features flex grooves that will make the shoe sole unit more flexible than previous versions.

Now, looking at the upper design, there are a couple of things worth mentioning.

For starters, it is a seamless construction that includes the popular Flywire technology, a regular feature from other shoes coming from this brand.

Flywire technology locks your foot in place. It is a highly efficient design that has proven its value in the previous shoes that had come out of this brand and continues to be a reliable and secure method to keep our feet protected.


​Flywire Technology.
​Rubber and flexible sole.
Zoom Air unit allows you to have a smooth walk or running session.
Mesh upper design is both durable and supportive.


The high price makes it unaffordable for low budgets.
Tips To Prevent Shin Splints.

Tips To Prevent Shin Splints


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is running bad for shin splints?

Ans : Only if you don’t take the right measures to prevent accidents. With the proper running shoes, there’s no need to worry about causing unwanted damage. They provide all the comfort you might need to help you complete your running activities, reducing the risk of accidents from happening.

What are good shoes for shin splints?

Answer : A high-quality shoe for shin splints must feature a variety of commodities to make your activities more comfortable.

Innovative designs including EVA foam or EVERUN qualities, as well as the Flywire Technology, among other things, are capable of giving you the protection you need; not only for running but for daily exercises like walking, too.

Can shoes help shin splints?

Answer : Absolutely. These shoes are a proper solution when you’re looking at how to relieve shin splints issues. Just remember to buy a pair of shoes that gives you the comfort you need.

While many of the products listed on this list are comfortable, it all depends on you to decide which ones work the best for your purposes.

Will running with shin splints make it worse?

​Answer : As long as you prepare yourself and acquire the proper gear, you shouldn’t have to worry about making it worse. These shoes are specifically designed to help you reduce the risk of accidents by providing you comfortable gear to wear and to protect your foot.


​Don’t let an injury keep you from enjoying everything life has to offer. With the best running shoes for shin splints, you’ll be ready to face those new incredible adventures that are waiting for you out there. Get your gear ready, and let’s create some wonderful moments out there on the field!

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