Essential Hiking Tips For Beginners

Written by Ashley Casey

Getting out on a hike for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. What do you bring? Where should you go? Questions like these can be difficult to answer for someone with little to no experience with being on outdoor adventures. Here are some hiking tips for beginners that can get you started having fun quickly and safely.

Time You Have To Hike

Determining the time that you will spend hiking is very important, especially when you are first starting out. You don’t want to have an hour of energy for a six hour hike. It is better to start small and work your way up to longer outings.


Alone or With A Group


While it is generally advisable to hike in at least a pair, sometimes people prefer the silence and ambiance of hiking alone. You should determine for this upcoming hike if you want to hike with a group of friends or by yourself.

Your Beginning Level 


While everyone wants to think that hiking is just like walking, this isn’t always the case. Many hiking trails can be extremely challenging to someone who isn’t experienced. Most of the local trails around you should have documentation about their difficulty levels. Starting small and working up to more challenging adventures is advisable.


Choose A Location

Not sure where to go? Consult the internet for local parks and trails for resources geared towards backpacking for beginners. This will often provide you will a detailed look at all of the available places to go in your area, as well as their respective difficulty level and average hiking times.


What You Should Wear


Comfort is key here, because hiking can mean quite a long time on your feet. You should get in the habit of hiking in longer pants and hiking boots, as these can protect you from poisonous plant life that you might encounter on the trails. Moisture wicking shirts and hats to limit sun exposure are also good items to choose.

Carrying The 10 Essential Items 

Make sure that you have the following ten essential items with you each time you head out on a hike:


  • Backpack (keeps all of the later listed essential items in one convenient place)
  • First Aid Kit (Small)
  • Sunscreen (keep yourself safe from the UV rays while you are out on your journey)
  • Bug Spray (Bugs will get at you anywhere you are, its best to be prepared)
  • Cell Phone (ensure that you have this on your person and that it is appropriately charged)
  • Multi-tool (You never can be too safe, and this gives you a host of convenient tools)
  • Pocket Knife (Even if you don’t see yourself needing to cut anything, it’s better to have it with you)
  • Food (even for short hikes, bring more food than you will need)
  • Sunglasses (appreciate the beauty of the landscape without the sun in your eyes)
  • Camera (Capture the breathtaking moments of every hike by never forgetting your digital camera)


What You Should Eat


There are plenty of foods that are great for beginner backpacking trips. Water is the most important thing of all to bring along with your food. Have plenty of it. Secondly, you should be bringing along energy boosting foods that are good for you, such as: nuts, fruit, and even beef jerky.


Additional Things To Consider

There are two main things that you should be thinking of each and every time you go out on a hike. The first is leaving the trail the same way that you found it.

Don’t throw your trash around or trample habitats on your journey. Secondly, be sure to check yourself for ticks and signs of poisonous plant exposure. Land on the side of caution here and get an immediate shower when you return home.


These are the essential hiking tips for beginners. This can aid you in getting started, and being prepared for anything that you might come across in your journey. While it might be an uphill climb at times, remember to have fun.

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