Sea Eagle SE370 review- Best Investment Ever

Sea Eagle se370 is a popular choice for many people. This kayak is often regarded as a large capacity vessel, and offers the best features.

It can be used in river, lake and so on. This is a high quality product and it clearly surpasses the benchmark previously set by the company in their earlier products.

The capacity of the vessel is 650 lbs and because of that, it can load your gear, as well as your loved one and so on. The product is good for adventurism. The kayak has an edge when compared to similar products. It performs great functions and it is well designed.

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This is an inflatable kayak and has the most fantastic features. You are sure to have a comfortable time in water. This is one of the best kayaks from the company.

This is an inflatable kayak and has the most fantastic features. You are sure to have a comfortable time in water. This is one of the best kayaks from the company.


Whom is it designed for?

This inflatable kayak is designed for beginners and intermediate kayaking. It has fantastic features that make it possible for you to enjoy your stay in the water. It is meant for those who want to fish and those who want to cruise in water. You can load your fishing gear, as well as your loved one with the kayak.



Sea Eagle se370  Features

This product is the most functional kayak. It has the best features as you can see from the quality product. The brand is highly portable, this means that it is lightweight.

Moreover, it is durable and has storage space. In addition to that, it is strongly constructed and good for tracking fish and works at great speed. Here are the features in detail:


Superior construction

One thing you are going to like about the product is the superior construction. It features five tubes construction. The essence of that five tube superior construction is to enhance the paddling performance of the kayak.

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Moreover, the seating position is greatly optimized to distribute the weight so that it would not be one sided.

Furthermore, it features an 1 beam floor and this is meant to carry heavyweight. The floor is composed of large tubes, and this is the best because it can enhance rigidity of your floor.

Moreover, tube size and the solid construction to ensure that the product is good for tracking. It equally accelerates the speed with which it works. Because of the solid construction, you are certain that this product is going to serve you for a long time and this is a great advantage.


Tracking and speed

Another great feature is that the work at a great speed. This equally enhances the tracking ability. Sea Eagle 370 features two molded skegs on its products.

Because of the superior skegs, you can track without difficulties. You can then speed across the water. You can equally track effortlessly, and because of that, you can achieve a better result, especially if you want to fish with the kayak.

Furthermore, it features a molded plastic in designing the skegs. This makes the skeg durable and strong. Because of the plastic materials that are used in making the skegs, it is not easily damaged when it encounters rough or sharp objects. The kayak moves with superior speed and this means that you can cruise through the waters without ease.


Valve system

Another great attribute of this great product is the efficient valve system. The designers decided to make their own product innovative by doing away with the traditional pipe valves, which is common in similar products. Instead, manufacturers decided to use efficient valve system.

 This makes the kayak easier and simple to operate. It is more efficient than similar products designed with pipe valve counterparts. The valve is not difficult to close.

It can retain the air and it cannot crack easily unlike similar products out there. It was designed in such a way that its inner diaphragm is one way valve, and this makes it difficult for air to escape from the system. Apart from that, it features a large opening of the valves.

This makes for quick and easy deflation and inflation. Producers use a seal to make the kayak airtight.



​Another great feature you are going to observe here is the durable construction. It is constructed using Polykrylar materials. This is a moderate pressure fabric material. Because of the durable material used to manufacture it, it is durable and tough.

The fabric is long lasting and this is used in the hull. This further makes the hull strong and durable. Most importantly, the polykrylar materials that are used in the hull is tear resistant. It can withstand rough and sharp impacts.

This means that your boat would not be torn apart when it comes into contact with damaging objects and rocks and so on. This material is extra thick and it was produced using a strong and durable additive. Because of that, it is going to survive UV rays, gasoline, oil and other chemicals that could have damaged the system.



Assembling the kayak is not difficult. It is not like those kayaks that take your whole time to assemble. It takes less time for the model to be installed, and you can start using your Sea Eagle se370 kayak, as soon as you have them fully installed.

The installation process does not take up to eight minutes to be concluded and you can install it, which does not take time.

The inflation and deflation process can be sped up because of the presence of the three deluxe one way valve. It is obvious from the features described above that this product is user-friendly.


  • It is highly stable.
  • It is ruggedly constructed.
  • The kayak is easy to transport.
  • Moreover, it is easy to setup.
  • Storage is easy.
  • The brand is highly durable.


  • Paddles cannot be contained in the carry bag.

Frequently asked question's:-

01. Is this brand good for beginners?

02. What of the seats, are they inflatable?

Final Verdict

Sea Eagle se370 is a great product. It is not only affordable, it is inflatable and durable. It is a superior quality sport kayak.

Because of the superior quality materials used to construct it, it is extraordinarily durable. The kayak is reliable and very stable to use. Most importantly, it is portable. It has all the features you want from a kayak, and it is highly recommended for those looking for the best.

The kayak is reliable and very stable to use. Most importantly, it is portable. It has all the features you want from a kayak, and it is highly recommended for those looking for the best.

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