Kayak Fishing 101: 5 Essential Kayak Fishing Tips for Newbies

If you are planning on taking up fishing, you should think about exploring the water on a kayak. Kayaks are cheaper and easier to operate in comparison to large boats.

Therefore, you will not need special resources to get started. In addition, kayak fishing is flexible and fun. You will have an opportunity to explore your own fishing style.

Here are the most essential fishing tips for kayak newbies.


Check Local Fishing Reports

You should check the local fishing reports for your area before taking out your kayak.

In general, these reports are generated by fishing experts and organizations and posted online.

So, they are valuable in helping you understand the fishing grounds in the area more.

Check on the current hotspots for fishing on a kayak. These will depend on the season and type of water body.

The reports should also help you find a specific type of fish that you might be interested in.


Consult an Expert

Your chances of success will be higher if you receive the guidance of an expert. Unlike the generalized guides on online platform, a local fishing expert will have his own experiences.

They will provide more detailed guidance on fishing techniques and the best water bodies in your area for beginners. Where possible, request for a lesson.


Be Aware of the Weather

You should not attempt to fish without consideration for the weather. Fish are sensitive to environmental changes and will respond accordingly.

If you know their behavior, you can fish with high efficiency. Fish will be slow in extremely hot or cold weather. However, the fish will often move to deeper parts of the water.

Increased wind also causes fish to hide from the surface. Choose warm, fair weather for a good fishing experience.


Be Aware of Other Vessels

You are never alone on the water. Therefore, you should always be aware of your surroundings. In particular, watch out for other vessels which might be cruising for good fishing spots.

For your safety, you should always maintain some distance between you and other vessels. Kayaks are light and easy to maneuver, but they are susceptible to flipping when under stress.


Bring Safety Gear and Wear Skin Protection

When purchasing your kayak and fishing accessories, ensure that you have acquired safety gear for your trips.

The most important items include a lifejacket, communication device, lights and floatable plastic storage for delicate items like your phone.

You should also wear skin protection for every fishing trip to prevent sunburns and skin disorders.



When fishing on kayak, you should remember to leash for your paddle to prevent it from floating away.

On the other hand, be careful because your fishing line can get easily tangled with your paddles, scaring the fish. Finally, take a GPS to avoid getting lost.

Robert Bolder

There are few types of game I haven’t hunted or fish that I haven’t pulled from the water. Regardless of your hunting knowledge or fishing prowess, my experience can help you to be better and score bigger game and fish no matter where you live.

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