How to Make Kayak Seat More Comfortable

How to Make Kayak Seat More Comfortable

Kayaks have been designed to be more comfortable than they were many years ago. It is still common these days to find some Kayak seats having pans that are too short and not providing enough support for the thighs. 

When you sit for too long on Kayak seats that are no comfortable, your back and butt may start hurting and that could affect your performance when kayaking on the water. Here are some ways to make your Kayak seat more comfortable than ever before;


Pad it Up!

One of the easiest ways to make your Kayak seat more comfortable is to pad it up. The pad comes with a gel that tends to move around easily inside the pad to create that extra cushion your body deserves.

The seat pad feels so comfortable that you can paddle for more than 6 hours at a stretch.

Alternatively, you can add a thin minicell foam to create special comfort. You need to ensure that the minicell is so thin to that you don’t alter your body’s center of gravity while on the Kayak.

Don’t be afraid of paddling alter your paddling skills slightly, you will eventually get used to it.

Padding offers that extra cushion that no other accessory can provide inside your Kayak. A padded seat will make you more comfortable by eliminating the pressure on your butt and hips.

Adjust the position of the Back Tilt

Once you get your foot at the right length inside the Kayak, you should consider adjusting the back tilt for extra comfort.

Back Tilt

Have your seat tilted far back so that it will seem like a ramp sliding your body into the seat. This position will allow you to lean back and stretch out the rest of your body.

One of the great things about modern Kayaks is that you can easily adjust the seat to suit a comfortable sitting and paddling experience. Do not go for any kayak that has no back tilt feature attached to its seat.

Raise or Lower the Height of the Seat

Generally, the higher you sit on a Kayak, the more comfortable it becomes.  It is important that you find the right link between comfort and stability when you are adjusting the height of the Kayak seat. Adjusting the seat higher will improve ergonomics for kayaking and that is why racers on flat water prefer higher seats on tippy Kayaks.

Adjusting the seat too high can make the Kayak unstable in high sea waves, for this reason, you should adjust the height slowly at a time.  Finding the right height for the seat will surely take a while , but the trial and error in adjustment will eventually yield the desired result.

Add Some Inflatable Thigh Support

Most Kayaks come with seat pans that can be too short and wouldn’t even provide enough support for your thigh. The inflatable thigh supports are considered to be the best addition for such kayaks.

Inflatable thigh supports are quite easy to adjust and they are very light in weight.  With an inflatable thigh support, you will reduce pressure on your thighs while your move your legs up and down , during paddling.

The inflatable thigh support is quite affordable, don’t try to make thigh support that may only last for a few times, and can increase discomfort and reduce your kayaking speed in the long run.  

Some sellers will actually give you inflatable thigh support for free when you purchase a Kayak from them, and some will actually ask you for a small fee. The most important thing is that you include an essential component like this in your budget, when shopping for a Kayak.

Adjust the foot and knee Position

Adjust the foot and knee Position

You should consider moving your foot pegs forward and backward until you achieve extra comfort while sitting on a Kayak seat. Make sure you set the foot pegs in such a way that your legs can stay straight along the bottom of the Kayak.

For normal Kayaking, the knees are always moving up and down to one side and then toward the middle on the other side of the kayak.

Adjust your knee position to bring both knees up while sitting by using thigh straps. This will increase comfort while you seat and paddle in different conditions.

In conclusion, making your kayak seat more comfortable entails practicing every possible adjustment until you are able to create a balance between comfort and stability. Do not compromise on a good center of gravity for an extra comfortable seat.  A Center of gravity that is too high can throw you off balance and you may end up inside the water, when paddling.

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