America’s Top 5 Beaches of 2021

Top 5 Beaches
Written by Ashley Casey

Everyone loves to spend time at the beach. Some people would spend all their lives on the beach just chilling if it was possible.

For most beaches are an escape haven for vacations, swimming, rest, sun, relaxation, solitude and all that jazz that brings joy. Beach lovers usually can’t wait for summer.

They start planning their trips to the beach way in advance to ensure everything is right to have maximum fun. Pristine beaches that don’t seem to end are always calling them back. If you love the beach, here are America’s top 5 beaches you must visit.


#01. Kapalua Bay Beach, Maui, Hawaii

With its astonishing palm trees and golden sand lines, Kapalua Beach is one of the finest beaches in America located in Maui. It offers prime swimming and is also perfect for relaxing and sunbathing.

Kayakers and snorkelers have the time of their lives here, thanks to the solid lava rock that protects the beach from intense winds. It is perfect for the entire family as there are sections of the beach that are a favorite for kids.


#02. Siesta Beach, Sarasota, Florida

Boasting of its position on America’s finest beaches, Siesta Beach is well known internationally for its quartz white, sugar fine sand.


Responding positively to its name, the beach is a welcoming spot for rejuvenation, relaxation away from the hustles of the mainland.

People love its strategic location beyond the sea grapes. It is also an excellent spot for launching kayaks. The thriving siesta village that surrounds the beach makes it a must visit destination.


#03. Okracoke Lifeguard Beach, North Carolina

The crystal clear, clean waters and natural splendor of Okracoke lifeguard beach make it a sight to behold. It makes it on the list of America’s top 5 beaches for its natural aesthetics.

The unspoiled beach is not interrupted by huge hotels and resorts allowing people to enjoy the natural beach in its full glory. There is no chance of boredom here because activities such as snorkeling, kiteboarding, surfing, and parasailing are popular at the beach.


#04. Hapuna Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

Warm waters of Hapuna Beach make visitors feel like they never want to leave. It has a beautiful location on Kohala Coast’s volcanic western coastline.

It is not all as the oasis is one of the largest white sand beaches in Hawaii. The pristine beach offers excellent conditions for snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming and body boarding all year round. It is the best distraction from the sweltering South Kohala heat.


#05. Grayton Beach State Park, Florida

Grayton Beach always appears on top beaches in America. It is not without reason as it provides an idyllic setting for surf fishing, sunbathing and swimming.

Photographers adore the beach for its backdrop of silver moonlit evenings and golden sunrises that produce images that are to die for.

It also has a boat rank where visitors can kayak, paddle board or paddles a canoe to take in the scenic Western Lake views or get a closer look at the salt marsh ecosystem.

Conclusion :

A beach is truly a happy place. There is something about the large beautiful water bodies and incredible sand that just speaks to the soul.

Visiting America’s top 5 beaches should feature on your to-do list if you want to see magical views and create memories that will last forever.

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