Essential Non-Food Prepping Items

Written by Ashley Casey

If you are new to prepping, begin by gathering non-food essentials. Avoid going into a blind panic and buying all sorts of prepping supplies and survival gear without first drawing up a workable plan. Instead, start by analyzing your current needs and then decide which direction to take when planning your prepping.

Below we set out some of the basics of prepping for newbies. If you are into camping you may already have most of the gear you will need in an emergency.

Below is a list of some of the essential non-food prepping supplies you should start to gather:

  • Flashlights

Lighting the way is being prepared. As the Chinese proverb says – it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. Flashlights provide essential and instant light during an emergency! There are several lighting options that preppers can make use of, but it really comes down to choosing just two of the following options to include in your supplies.

–           Flashlights

–           Oil lamps

–           Candles

–           Camping lanterns

–           Battery operated lanterns

–           Solar lighting

  • Batteries

Much of your gear will need reliable batteries to operate. Gather a stock of batteries and a battery checker and make sure you know how to recharge batteries.

  • Camp Stoves

Being able to cook off-grid in an emergency requires equipment like a camp stove. There are a variety of camp stove options available to preppers with different scenarios and fuels. Take advantage of the different options available and consider your own unique needs, budget, and locale. When compiling a list of survival gear it is a wise decision to have several alternatives and back-ups in your prepping arsenal.

  • A Quality Survival Knife

An ordinary pocket knife is still the most popular survival tool preferred by most preppers. Make sure you have a quality survival knife to serve as an everyday carry during emergencies. An excellent example is the KA-BAR Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade Knife.

  • Toilet Paper

This may not seem like an essential item until you have to do without it. Before the proverbial stuff hits the fan, make sure that you have an adequate stock of toilet paper. Buying in bulk can get you 80 rolls of the stuff for less than $50.

  • Gas Mask

An iconic doomsday prepper will always have a gas mask in their supplies. There are 8 essential things you should know before purchasing a gas mask for yourself, your family, or a group.

  • Self-Defense Weapons

Not every prepper has a firearm and it is a personal decision whether you include self-defence weapons in your supplies or not. However, in anticipation of a world without rule-of-law, it may become far more important to stockpile firearms and bullets.

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