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6 Countries You Can Visit for Less Than $50 A Day

Who doesn’t like the feeling of going on a nice, relaxing vacation? The trouble is, most of the top destinations all around the world can get very expensive, even just for short stays and minimal extra expenditures. Instead of opting out of vacationing all together to not blow through your savings, you might consider some […]

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America’s Top 5 Beaches of 2019

Everyone loves to spend time at the beach. Some people would spend all their lives on the beach just chilling if it was possible. For most beaches are an escape haven for vacations, swimming, rest, sun, relaxation, solitude and all that jazz that brings joy. Beach lovers usually can’t wait for summer. They start planning their trips […]

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Adventure Gears Lab Top Picks 2019

Having the right equipment and gear with you while you are out in the great outdoors can make all of the difference. Even if you are keeping your wilderness fanaticism to a specific budget, there are always ways that you can still do things comfortably and easily, without breaking your bank to achieve it. Below you will […]

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