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Essential Hiking Tips For Beginners

Getting out on a hike for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. What do you bring? Where should you go? Questions like these can be difficult to answer for someone with little to no experience with being on outdoor adventures. Here are some hiking tips for beginners that can get you started having […]

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How To Prevent Common Hiking Injuries

Hiking has many health benefits in addition to recreation purposes. However, just like any outdoor activity, it comes with many risks, which when overlooked can result in serious bodily harm. The common injuries associated with hiking include Blisters, hip/joint/ knee pain, insect bites, minor cuts, abrasions, and sunburn.  Other perils to beware are poisonous plants, dehydration, and […]

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Adventure Gears Lab Top Picks 2019

Having the right equipment and gear with you while you are out in the great outdoors can make all of the difference. Even if you are keeping your wilderness fanaticism to a specific budget, there are always ways that you can still do things comfortably and easily, without breaking your bank to achieve it. Below you will […]

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