Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places – A Book Review

World’s Most Amazing Places
Written by Ashley Casey

In the Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places, National Geographic takes the reader on yet another tour around the world.

The book is designed to provide a vivid picture of the world’s most amazing places in a compact package. Like other photographic books from National Geographic, this hardcover is filled with a plethora of exceptionally beautiful pictures which bring the world into the home.

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Whether you are a would-be tourist or an enthusiast with a love for the beauty around the planet, you will find this book enlightening and intriguing.


The Destinations of a Lifetime is a 320-page hardcover volume produced and published to achieve the best quality possible. You will find 250 color photographs from around the earth to provide inspiration for even the staunch home-loving individual.

The book has a design which is easy to understand, even with limited knowledge on the world and its attractive features. In simple terms, it starts with a double-page spread of a vivid world map.

The map has all the amazing destinations included in the bookmarked out by the category. It will provide a quick index in case of an unfamiliar locale.

Beyond this introduction, National Geographic will take you on a photographic tour around select destinations on the globe. The most breathtaking and awe-inspiring locales have been selected for the world's viewing pleasure, whether natural or man-made.

The vibrant photographs are taken by the world-class artists in the organization.

The visual wonders included in the volume include white sand shores, rainforests, innovative architecture, classic buildings, ancient monoliths and scenic islands. Regardless of your interest, you will find something to inspire your wanderlust.

The beautiful illustrations are coupled with some descriptive and evocative texts. The written material is crucial in allowing readers to understand the context and the pertinent locale. This makes it a must-have volume for travelers.

It will keep every tourist from missing out on the most amazing features in any amazing region. In addition to the description, the Destinations of a Lifetime pictorial hardcover has hard-service information for tourists.

You will find practical guidelines on the best places to eat in the locale and accommodation options as well as places to visit in order to enjoy an authentic and fulfilling travel experience.

The Destinations of a Lifetime from National Geographic is the perfect book for anyone looking for practical travel information. It is also a nice coffee table volume to remind you of the fathomless beauty around the world.

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