The Top Places to Visit in New York City

The Top Places to Visit in New York City
Written by Ashley Casey

We plan out an excursion by getting fascinated through several attractive features and travel spots of the place. The holiday-makers love to hover around where they can treat themselves, as well as they can keep themselves hidden from the whole world for some time. Are you even among those?

Well, any globetrotter who sets his journey desires to halt where fascinating beauty of nature, splendid eateries, adrenaline adventure, and awe-inspiring places with top of all, less money to be splurged is aspired. Then, you must stay worried less when there are many such places where you can live life to the fullest by shunning down fewer pennies.
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What if you are asked to travel where your eyes stay glued to charismatic life or beautiful travel destinations? Won’t you love it? If been asked, have you travelled through a big apple?

Did you ever try to do that? Well, if not, then we can give a way to take a journey through ‘The Big Apple.`` Don't get perplexed as New York City is the one who holds it as a nickname.

New York City gives you a chance to feel life and do things differently. Every day you will have an overwhelming experience here wandering through the city. To add some of the most magnificent places in your travel bucket list, we have listed the exclusive places to make excursion go wow.

Statue of Liberty

No matter what, the splendid beauty resides here in New York City. The Statue of Liberty was built in 1886 and is known as the most famous American icons. It is 152 feet, and this city holds the maximum weight of the statue, which is nearly 450,000 pounds.


Lady Liberty signifies 100 years of American Independence, which is given by French to this city. This statue grips a torch in her right hand, being a symbol of insight and illumination. Being in New York can never let you go without having a glimpse of.

From Battery Park, you can have a breathtaking view of Lady Liberty with a chance to take pictures and capture picturesque beauty. Another way to enjoy the site from a closer view, tourists can take a boat trip to Liberty Island and get enthralled by it.

The secret thing for wanderers on the way is to explore Ellis Island on the way to the Immigration Museum and the Statue of Liberty and experience the deep grounded history of the place. By this, it would be an experience to have a single place journey with two added charms.

Hold yourself to undergo a grand tour!

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Broadway and the Theatre District

Broadway show exhibits everything to enjoy something different from the race and, which you have never encountered. In New York City, this is a one-of-a-kind thing where long-running classics and shows are held. There is a long list of shows to choose from.

Interestingly, you may deem that shows are only good for teenagers or seniors; however, it is not the case. If you are on a family excursion, you can choose a show as per kids. Among the list of shows, travellers can buy the tickets from the theatre and have family time while watching something out of the ordinary.

Explore more than uncommon!

Brooklyn Bridge

To witness the astounding beauty, you must visit the Brooklyn Bridge, considered as the pride of the city.

Brooklyn Bridge

Every single step you proceed further on this bridge, you observe glorious views of Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. A 30-minute walk through the bridge would make you capture countless stories and offer you lifetime memories.

This bridge was opened in 1883, and the offbeat part is that it is a hybrid bridge and cable-stayed. The travellers can savour the delight of other nearby places to enhance their knowledge and to see something unique.

Either you walk before sunrise, at noon or at any time in the day, doesn’t forget to have a sight of sunset which will leave you startled. Walking through this Brooklyn Bridge, experiencing the sunset is surreal and bestows a chance to imagine a new world. Remember one thing; take pictures being in bliss!

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Times Square

Most of the wanderers or families flock at Times Square as it is the most attractive place in the entire world. The reason why tourists’ get magnetised will be disclosed once you trip to this site.

Times Square

Without any deliberation, you will be allured to Times Square, which excites you for many different reasons. Initially, you can have a sight of billboards along with a place for a shopping spree. Then moving on, sightseers enjoy the night beauty of this place when streets remain occupied by night birds.

Times Square embraces a good charm for shopaholics where they can try out luxurious brands be in fashion, or cosmetics. The kids must not worry as this is a place where plenty of options await your little ones and are equally famous. After splurging on clothing and accessories, grab some mouth-watering eatables and soak yourself in the flavours of New York City.

Wall Street

wall street

We never compromise with our travel itineraries as it is the time when we corner ourselves from the hustle and bustle of our busy life. Similarly, to have a unique voyage bucket list, add Wall Street in your travel plan. To unveil the mystery and know the fascinating history, Wall Street is a synonym for money and power.

The street surrounds some of the top yet imperative financial centres including the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange. Not only this, but it gives a chance to view Federal Hall and Trinity Church.

You may wonder that charm of Wall Street is this much only, but to astonish, there is a selfie point known as a famous bull in New York City where most of the tourists travel. During the daytime and after sunset, the holiday-makers take a walk through this place and relax.

​Time to become a Food Grabber

While travelling to so many places, aren’t you hungry? Among shopping spree, history lovers, there are even some food lovers who can’t stay without eating. Moreover, when you are on an expedition with kids, they crave after short spans.

Being in New York City, it is hard to ignore the delicious food and beverages. The benchmark dishes of this city are Pastrami, Bagel, and Dollar Slice, coffee, burger and especially New York pizza. There are ultimate restaurants here which make you forget everything around.

The unique combinations and savoury dishes exhibit the rich culture of New York. So, don’t punish yourself by holding yourself and grab a sandwich along with a walk on New York Streets.

To conclude the New York Expedition

What never comes to an end are fun, excitement, thrill, and embracing all travel. No matter how much you wander, you always have a quest to go for more. As travelling is a fantastic experience and to be at such a place where flabbergast factor manifolds, then you should not stop your feet.

New York City gives you a chance to dive in history, adventure, and some top offbeat places which you never came across.

Whenever tourists make a stay here, they tend to return here with new expectations and explorations which definitely come true. Set yourself open here and flow in the air of New York City which embraces visit of diverse cultures and leaving a profound impact on their souls.

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