$1000 Adventure Story Scholarship Campaign 2019


Do you like to adventure? Do you have pending adventuring plan or do you have rewarding adventuring stories you want to share?

Then Adventure Gears  Lab is here to help you. The company is trying to add value to adventurists by helping them share their adventurism stories with people who need such stories.

Like previous years, this year we will also be giving a scholarship of $1000. We are going to assist you by making free money available to you to document your stories and share it.

Scholarship-Adventure Gears Lab

The money is for your academic expense, it is not for any other use other than your studies. It is known to us that many people like taking to adventurism and they have interesting stories to tell, and they require motivation to share such stories.

To help such students we decided to make this offer available to only those who are qualified for that. This is an annual scholarship.

We believe that this program would go a long way in helping the candidates. The scholarship we believe will encourage adventure story-writers and motivate other people to take to adventurism. The program we believe will help many people and it can stimulate other people to emulate this worthy program.


Who is eligible?

The scholarship is currently available to any American student in the university or colleges. To enter the program, the student must provide an essay on any of the topics listed below:

Topic include


Adventure trip stories in the USA,Europe or any part of World


Candidates must provide necessary details such as:


The trip plan
Where the trip would start
How many people participated in the trip?
How the people visited the place
 All trip Details

Candidate must provide hotel information, ticket booking information, as well as step-by-step activities of the trip.

The essay should be between 1000 to 1500 words (With 5-6 headline)  . Furthermore, the essay has to be accompanied with at least one video and the real trip photo.

The essay must be fresh, and original. This means that it must not have been submitted elsewhere.

  • Submit your Story by emailing us at scholarship@adventuregearslab.com or Fill out the form at the bottom of the page with the subject “Adventure Story Scholarship – Adventure Gears Lab
  • Must add your Personal Information Such(Full Name, Phone & Address), Name of the (College/University), Area Of Study, Any document such as student id which can proof that you are a Student.

After receiving the submission, we will review it with the video. If we find it good, we will publish it on our website and send the link to the students to share in their social media accounts.


Additional information

Deadline for Submission:

The essay submission deadline is October 15th-2019 while the result would be published on  October 25th-2019. You will be notified once selected.

Because of that, you have to include your personal information and submit them to us.

Scholarship Submission Form


Any questions about the scholarship essay contest can be directed to scholarship@adventuregearslab.com

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