How to Improve Your Mountain Bike Skills-Mountain biking tips for beginners

Mountain biking tips for beginners
Written by Ashley Casey

Becoming successful in mountain bike riding entails many things. You cannot become perfect overnight. It requires fitness, bike handling skill, as well as technical riding ability and so on.


You should know that this is a dynamic sport. It demands fitness and finesse. It takes time before you master it. Here are some important tips that can help you to become a successful mountain bike rider:


Six important mountain biking tips for beginners


Setup your mountain bike properly

Mountain biking tips for beginners

The most important thing that can help you to become a successful mountain bike rider is that the bike must be setup properly. Setting it up is not a huge challenge.

You can rely on advanced MTB technology to set it up. As a beginner, you can utilize things like adjustable suspension, dropper seat posts, tire offerings, as well as modern trail technology to set it up.When it is properly setup, you can ride with confidence.


Relax your body

Relax your body

When you ride your mountain bike, you are going to encounter bumps on the road and this can affect your body.To deal with the problem, you have to relax your body, especially your face, knees and arms and other parts that absorb those shocks coming from the bumps.

When you approach those bumps, you do not need to be tensed up. This will not help you. If you are tensed when you approach those difficult bumps then it could affect your riding ability.


Utilize your natural suspension

When we talk about your natural suspension, it includes those given to you by nature such as legs and your arms.

If you want to become a perfect mountain bike rider, you must learn how to put them to work all the times. This means that you should always bend them. Moreover, you have to move the arms and legs up and down this would help to absorb the bumps and so on.


Allow your body to move separately from the bike

The bike should be allowed to float all the times and the best way to do that is to allow your body and the bike to move separately.Other than your feet and hands, the other parts of your body should move in a separate direction from the bike. This will help you in tight corners and rock gardens and so on.


Brake before obstacles

Brake before obstacles

If you foresee obstacles, it is better to break before you encounter them. It is not advisable to stop in the middle of the obstacle. You should know that momentum and speed are critical factors in this type of bike. Before you reach any obstacle, try to evaluate it, and know the appropriate place to break; not when you reached the obstacle.


Learn how to be comfortable

Furthermore, you should learn how to be comfortable when riding the bike. You should be comfortable on the air and out of the saddle and so on.

Mountain riders spend most of the time out of the saddle. They have to be comfortable and anytime they ride. This would make them ride with confidence and they can become skillful within a short time.

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