How to raise an air mattress off the floor

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The question of how to raise an air mattress from the floor cannot be answered appropriately before restructuring the old definition of a mattress.

Mattresses being nothing more than rectangular pads made from diverse types of soft materials with a sole aim of supporting the reclining body, the basic composition of mattresses is a cloth cover holding together a solid piece of soft material such as foam or small pieces of the soft materials whose examples include; straws, feathers, cotton, rags and even grass at the early stages of the invention of the mattress.

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Invention of air mattresses must have been a result of man’s frequent movements and the need to carry along the comfort while sleeping for example in a camping scenario. Foam mattresses are generally heavy and huge thereby making it very cumbersome when it comes to traveling.


This need sparked the invention of two types of modern mattresses; the air and the water. Water mattresses never survived the test of time for obvious reasons. Air is a readily available commodity got for free under normal circumstances so more and more people continue to use it.

Inflating the mattress when need arises and deflating it when the need ceases to exist makes air mattress the most convenient mattress for you if you happen to be a frequent traveler or for some reason need to economize on space.


It is important to raise the air mattress off the Floor for a number of reasons. Maintaining a favorable position for going on to the bed is important for the old and the sick because these people will undergo a great deal of pain before getting to the sleeping position.

With a raised camping air mattress, you can equip your bed with facilities that can help keep away perilous crawling insects and animals. Mosquito nets are usually not easy to erect while sleeping flat on the floor.

Raising the air mattress off the floor greatly aids in prolonging the lifespan of the mattress.

Keeping the bedding tidy is one of the main reasons I personally would want to raise my air mattress. If you are allergic to dust, then you should consider raising your mattress.

In addition to all that, it provides additional comfort to the user of the mattress if it is raised.

Extreme temperatures affect the characteristic of air. Either way, (cold or hot) the air mattress could deflate overnight due to the cold floor.

Pulling the air mattress over the floor or constantly rubbing it over it shortens the mattress lifespan by eroding the walls of the mattress slowly by slowly.


Some of the common methods of raising an air mattress off the floor are listed below;


Box springs are very easy to use. With this you only need to put it on top of the bed frame. The box spring needs to be wrapped with materials that would allow sharp edges of the box spring to puncture the air mattress.


Due to the increasing demand of this commodity, some companies are already making frames for the exclusive purpose of holding the air mattresses. Such special frames are available in stores especially the stores dealing in camping and touring equipment.


Plywood is also another common means of raising the air mattress. It is one of the most commonly available materials that you could use to raise your air mattress. However, precautions must be taken while dealing with the plywood because the saw leaves behind sharp splints and very rough edges after cutting the plywood. For that reason, it is advisable to wrap such edges with a soft material that would prevent them from perforating the air mattress.


The easiest way is to fit the air mattress into the bed frame. But this is only possible in a house/home environment.

Although I would wonder why someone would replace the normal home mattress with an air mattress, if the need arises, the bed frame would come in handy at this. Eve when using the bed, make sure you wrap splinters, rough bed edges and sharp objects that would pose a threat to our air mattress.


Air mattresses are very delicate since they are normally made of rubber or synthetic material. This means that sharp and rough object can cause potential damage to the mattress.

The lower the air mattress the more chances of it gathering dust. Asthma patients should consider raising their mattresses off the floor due to this risk.

Air mattresses are made of air tight material so it is advisable not to lay infants on them without the care of an adult to mitigate the risk of suffocation.

Air mattresses are very handy in the times we live in today. Modernization will not cease to bring more ways to improve the raising air mattresses off the floor. I just mentioned a few methods of raising it above the floor but certainly there must be far reaching ways to do so.

If precautions are taken, using an air mattress can be very enjoyable. The more people embrace the use of air mattresses, information regarding this subject gets out there more, there might not be anybody asking how to raise an air mattress off the floor.

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