How to Choose a Portable Camping Gas Burner

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One of the most important attributes of any journey is the burner. Experienced travelers know that this product is indispensable in difficult weather conditions. Properly chosen camping burner will help not only to increase the level of travel comfort but also help out in any extreme situation.

How to Choose a Camping Burner: Climate Features

There are quite a few different models of burners. It is customary to distinguish 3 main types:

  • gas-fueled;
  • liquid fuel types;
  • any type of fuel.

All of them can be classified based on the conditions in which they are intended to be used. The most optimal choice for traveling.

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Warm season:- 

When preparing to travel in a warm climate, you need to pay attention to light, compact models with fuel cylinders such as EPIgas.

Cold season:- 

At low temperatures, it is best to give preference to devices operating on liquid fuel.

In addition, you need to consider traveling by plane. In such a case, you should choose multi-fuel models. Since most airlines prohibit the transportation of gas cylinders.

If during the trip there is a need for rapid water boiling, then you need to pay attention to integrated systems like Kovea Alpine Pot Wide which run on gas fuel. Also, when choosing a burner, it is necessary to take into account the necessary volumes of cooking. When organizing a large tent camp, it is best to purchase a big, stable burner with smooth flame adjustment.

What type of burner to prefer?

Some types of devices were developed specifically to deal with the rapid boiling of water in difficult weather conditions. These burners are ideal for preparing sublimated food. The special design of these systems minimizes fuel consumption which makes them very profitable. Special manufacturing techniques determine their focus on the maximum acceleration of the boiling process.

Integrated cooking systems perfectly cope with the task of rapidly boiling water. However, their main disadvantage is that cooking any dish with their help is extremely difficult.

For cooking difficult food, you should choose a burner with precise flame adjustment. This is due to the fact that for the qualitative preparation of foods, different flame power is needed. Such devices also boil water quite well, however, camping dishes have a significant effect on the boiling time. The quality of flame control is largely determined by the product model.

Device Selection Depending on a Group Size and Fuel Consumption Level

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a burner is the size of the group of people. For a group of 10, it is best to purchase a few burners. This is due to the fact that in the presence of several devices the process of cooking will not be delayed.

As for fuel consumption, most products lack a standard gas cylinder weighing 230 grams for boiling 14 liters of water. It is necessary to take into account factors like:

  • weather;
  • air temperature;
  • windscreen availability;
  • water temperature.

Therefore, if all these factors are taken into account, about 15-20 servings can be cooked on a single gas cylinder.

Fuel burners are much easier to operate. In order to check their level of liquid fuel, it is enough just to open the cylinder and inspect the stock, while you can only determine the level of gas in the tank by the sound. As a rule, it is extremely difficult, therefore, when using burners on such fuel, you should always have a spare cylinder.

Features of Gas Equipment Exploitation

Gas burners are one of the largest travel product groups. The cylinders are most often filled with isobutane mixture, less often - propane. The use of isobutane as a filler is due to the fact that the flame from it is strong and clean. In addition, this mixture of gases is less susceptible to the effects of low temperatures than other fuel mixtures. Disconnected cylinders do not let gas through which prevents fuel leaks.

Connection of gas cylinders is made directly or with a hose. With a direct connection, the burner acts as a nozzle and is screwed onto the cylinder. This connection type is the easiest. The advantages of such a connection are in the ease and compactness, as for the disadvantages, they include instability and a small height. Because of these shortcomings, a large cooking bowl or a pot cannot be placed on these models.

In addition, products in the form of nozzles are not suitable for long-term operation, since the prolonged influence of high temperatures can lead to overheating of the fuel cylinder and even its detonation.

The second method uses a special hose. In such models, there is its own base for a placement. Connect the cylinder to the device using a special hose. This method of connection is much safer. The main advantages of such models are stability and good functionality, the disadvantages include problems when working at low temperatures. Such problems include the need to pre-warm the cylinder before use.

Additionally, the exploitation of such models involves the use of a windscreen that reduces heat loss and significantly speeds up the cooking process.

A number of special camping models can be highlighted. Such products are mainly represented by Orgaz and NZ brands. These models are designed to work with bulk propane cylinders. Most often they are used in camping or at summer houses. Their main feature is a high power level and a good flame control system.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas Burners

Using gas burners has quite many advantages:

  • ease of use;
  • compactness;
  • lightweight;
  • high level of safety during operation;
  • good flame power control;
  • piezo ignition.

However, this kind of device has significant drawbacks:

  • expensive fuel;
  • low temperatures issues;
  • Productivity decrease at cylinder pressure drop;
  • the inability to transport gas cylinders in the plane;
  • low stability of models with a direct connection.

But at the moment, most of the shortcomings of such products are compensated by installing various additional modules. Additional modules include:

  • pressure regulators;
  • devices for preheating the cylinder;
  • bases for extra stability.

In addition, it should be highlighted that such an additional element as piezo ignition, due to the influence of wet weather or improper operation, can be damaged. Therefore, in addition, it is necessary to have matches in stock in order to ignite the flame of the burner.

Integrated System. When to Choose It?

Integrated cooking systems are very popular among travelers. The highest quality models of such products are presented by KOVEA. When developing such products, the company paid considerable attention to the efficiency of the device. The peculiarity of such a product is that the burner has a special tank with a radiator that allows you to quickly heat the liquid with minimum consumption of fuel.

The main advantages of integrated systems are:

  • fast boiling water;
  • high-efficiency value;
  • cooking on the move possibility;
  • built-in windproofing.

As for the disadvantages, they can include a small volume of the product and a significant mass.

The integrated systems are ideal for cooking for 2-3 people. Particular attention to such devices should be paid by fans of various leisure activities.

Multifuel Models

The main feature of multifuel models is that they can work on any type of fuel. Most often, the main fuel for such devices is purified gasoline. One of the most important advantages of using products working on such fuel is that the processing practically does not leave any waste, and therefore, the system does not get clogged. In addition, products running on gasoline are not affected by low temperatures, and what's also important, purified gasoline is much cheaper than gas.

Advantages of liquid and multifuel models:

  • immunity to low temperatures;
  • low cost of fuel;
  • stable base;
  • small height;
  • ease of use.

Disadvantages of these models consist of:

  • piezo ignition absence;
  • significant cost;
  • high probability of fuel leakage.
  • considerable weight;
  • need to purchase a special fuel tank.

One of the main drawbacks of multi-fuel burners is also the necessity of constant fuel supply system cleaning. Above that, some product models have a special ignition and heating system which require certain skills. There is also a relatively high probability of combustion waste contamination.

Multi-fuel burners can work on:

Multi-fuel burners work poorly and unstable on kerosene, quickly clog and have a specific smell.

The advantage of this type of fuel is its prevalence. In addition, gasoline burns quite well. One of the main disadvantages of this product is the possibility of its leakage. The smell of this fuel is as specific as that of kerosene. Due to the significant amount of additives in such fuel, the product will have to be purified often.

  • Purified gasoline

One of the main advantages of such fuel is its purity, prevalence, fast evaporation and good performance in conditions of low temperatures. The main disadvantage is its decomposition under time influence. Also, purified gasoline is extremely flammable which affects the safety of the traveler at its leakage.

What to Consider When Choosing a Burner?

According to TheHomeDweller page, one of the main features that should be taken into account when choosing a burner is the heating time of the water. This feature shows how much time it takes to heat up 1 liter of water at room temperature.

Another very important indicator is the maximum gas consumption. Based on this parameter, it is possible to determine the approximate amount of fuel to be purchased for a trip. The best quality products are economical.

Also, when choosing a product, weight and dimensions should be considered. It is important for determining the approximate load that will be distributed among travelers. Knowing the dimensions of the product helps to determine the optimal number of camping dishes to use with the device.

You should also consider the additional possibilities of the product. Functions like piezo ignition or the possibility of installing a heating lamp will greatly facilitate the use of the product.

Choosing a quality camping burner is easy.

For this purpose, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the upcoming trip and the basic principles of using the product.

  • A gas burner is suitable for a small group of people in a warm climate, while for a large group of travelers it is better to give preference to a multi-fuel burner.
  • Also, when choosing a burner it is necessary to take into account the presence of additional functions and fuel consumption.

Consideration of all these parameters will help choose the most reliable device that will not fail in difficult weather conditions.

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