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Make sandwiches with this campfire panini press

When camping you want to carry light, portable items that help prepare meals fast. A campfire Panini Press makes a great grill accessory for cooking toasted sandwiches, steaks, burgers and delicious paninis quickly. It is made of heavy cast iron to allow uniform cooking and solid pressure for café-quality sandwiches. The large chamber provides ample […]

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Easy Camping Meals for a Large Group

In the present world, where technology and digital services have taken center stage, finding time to spend with friends and family can be challenging. But there’s a simple answer to this digital fatigue, that is, Nature! Taking to the wilderness with all your friends or colleagues can be the most rewarding experience. However, it’s one […]

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Backpacking with a DSLR camera

Backpacking is a simple and inexpensive travel usually gone for long distances. People don’t tend to bring their car for a backpacking trip as the responsibility to guard their vehicle shall kill the real spirit and curiosity of the trip. Backpacking can be done in forests, hilly regions, beaches or even to various countries. As a […]

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How to Choose Best Flashlight For Camping

One of the must-have equipment to carry during a camping expedition has proven to be a flashlight. The flashlight is useful for various activities, especially after dusk. Such activities include cooking, walking, hiking or reading your favorite book just to mention but a few. Therefore, it is necessary to have an appropriate flashlight to avoid […]

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