My 15 Best Travel Tips After 15 Years Traveling The World

Best Travel Tips
Written by Ashley Casey

My 15 Best Travel Tips are the basics of traveling during the holidays. On holidays, remember there’s more traffic on the rails, the skies, and the roads.

Planning is the most critical for anyone traveling this time of year. During the end of the year, more than 50% of travelers will have a challenging obstacle in front of them because of certain things they either forgot or came at them by unexpected.

When you plan your vacation around the holidays, your destination may seem like it’s the only one “en route.” In fact, there’s more travelers using their holiday vacation for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration so they travel world-wide.

Thus, be friendly and take note with my 15 best travel tips for you and your family that can very well save you time, money, and maybe even your life!


1. Be Flexible

Travelers should schedule Flexible because unexpected delays are bound to happen during the holiday season. When you schedule your flight, you won’t be surprised if the unexpected happens.

In the case of Atlanta’s airport, “Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, travelers experience massive delays because of a power outage that rippled [and] caused cancellations and delays throughout the air travel system.” American Airlines canceled because “the power outage caused by a fire” at the airport. Weather conditions can be a cause for delays. Be flexible when it comes to traveling by air.

It can be a money-saver too. (Source: Hethcock, Bill. Staff Writer, Dallas Business Journal. Dec 18, 2017. Updated Dec 18, 2017)


2. Make a List (Put Electronics, Medications, Toothbrush, and an Extra Pair of Underwear in Your Carry-on)

  • – Besides the medications you need, and your hygiene products, take extra undergarments and electronics. Don’t forget your chargers.
  • – Safeguard documents by making two copies of all of them. Contact details for the nearest U.S. embassy (or consulate). If you go to another country, it’s wise to know where located.
  • – Write the requirements of destination: laws, visas, customs, medical care, and road safety for the country you’ll visit. Check security measures for that country. Go to:
  • – Crisis plan should be implemented. Read “What Can You Do in a Crisis Abroad” and “What the Department of State Can and Can’t-Do in a Crisis.” Evacuation insurance can be purchased.
  • – Research the topics of “health abroad and health considerations” at the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).

(Source: Hethcock, Bill. Staff Writer, Dallas Business Journal. Dec 18, 2017. Updated Dec 18, 2017)


3. Learn Common Phrases of the Local Language and Meet Local People

There are common phrases and words which are critical to know when you visit another country. It’s best to learn the most used phrases and words especially if you plan on dining, shopping, and sight-seeing.

In some places, it’s showing you actually care enough to take the time to learn to speak in “the native tongue.” Your efforts will pay off. Although, bringing a travel phrase book helps.

Nowadays, there’s digital translator phone apps dedicated to the purpose of phrases and common words used by travelers in foreign countries.


4. Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance should contain health insurance. Cash payments are normally needed by foreign medical facilities and providers. U.S. health care policies should be reviewed for overseas or international coverage.

They may not accept US insurance at the medical facilities if you have to go there at any point during your visit. Medicare doesn’t offer coverage outside the US. Purchasing “supplemental insurance” covers any special medical need or risk.


5. Bank and credit card companies should be notified

Traveler’s Checks are best when you’re going abroad. Your bank and credit card companies should be notified. See what the check exchange rates are too.

Read information about using credit cards, debits, cash, and ATM internationally. Send money overseas is one of the best ways to get out of an emergency.

If you find you are out of traveler’s checks, cash, “capped” the limit on your cards,…give the emergency money to a trusted friend, to wire it to you.


6. Travel first aid and emergency kits

You may need two or more. Backups and vehicle emergency kits are needed when taking your car across country. Vehicle emergency kits should include blankets and warm clothing, ice scraper, cat litter (ie. slick roads).

Best Travel Tips

Additionally, a small battery-powered fan, tarp, multipurpose tool, bottled water, spare tire, air pump, jack, jumper cables, flashlight, road flares, and extra batteries.


For the emergency care kit pack these items:

  • – Antibiotic ointment
  • – Antiseptic / Hand sanitizer
  • – Aspirin (or similar)
  • – Ace bandage
  • – Band-Aids
  • – Bandana
  • – Bug spray.
  • – Cotton balls/gauze pads.
  • – Tweezers

(Source: DMV. “How to pack an emergency care kit.” ) and

7. Pre-plan your outfits

If you know what you’ll be doing at your destination, then plan it well. Plan your outfits according to your itinerary. If you know you’ll be going to a dine-in 5-star restaurant, plan on taking formal attire.

If you know you’ll be backpacking and be outdoors, plan according to weather and casual settings. In fact, check the weather and keep all year round clothing in your luggage. (Take extra undergarments and swimsuits for those in-door pools.)


8. Eat local foods

You’ll support the locals when you eat at the local restaurants. Coffee from the local café and eating from the food truck on the street, food from the local eatery is encouraged.

Best Travel Tips

Eating from the local businesses helps the local economy. It builds a solid and trustworthy connection between the locals and tourists.

The community wants this. It actually shows a little respect to that you choose a nice dine-in at a local restaurant compared to places like McDonald’s.


9. Don’t plan too much

Don’t plan too much since things can happen. It may not come out the way it is planned.

Weather-related delays and outdoor activities can be hindered because of it. Shows and events can be canceled or rescheduled. When you plan with others, it helps to decrease it.

You may get a chance to do something else that comes up. You won’t be able to relax and enjoy the cruise, the train ride, or the ride when you go to your destination.

According to the writers at, you shouldn’t spend too much time planning, you’ll forget why you even took a vacation, just relax and don’t plan too much.


10. Pack less stuff

Pack only what you need, one outfit a day. When you visit the city or country you’ve planned on visiting for your trip, you must plan to pack less.

There’s extra fees for 2 bags or one large and one carry-on at some airports. Plan on packing less stuff because of this. Check with the airlines that you will depart/arrive online.

You may want to buy souvenirs and gifts at the place you’ll be visiting, therefore you must consider it when you pack for your trip. The luggage should be light.

Don’t forget your how much your luggage weights when you depart and return. It may need some of that extra room you have in your bags, therefore pack less stuff. Try this out and view this regular traveler and “…The way of the minimalist, less stuff more life?” at

11. Treat your body well

Take the right shoes, sunscreen, gloves (if it’s cold), a hat…etc. treat your body well when traveling with the right clothing. It can be quite stressful when you travel during the holidays.

In fact, when you travel, make sure you take all the necessary precautions to have a safe, but fun trip. Before going on a plane, eat right. Foods such as “nutrient-rich food, high in antioxidants” are good to eat before a flight.

Also, make sure you rested. You don’t want to sleep the entire trip if you aren’t driving.


12. Don’t be afraid to be alone

The world isn’t that bad. Not what the media portrays. You shouldn’t be afraid to be alone when you travel, just have a phone charged, emergency numbers, a whistle, and let those back home know where you plan on staying with phone numbers and addresses.

When you really want to travel, you’ll go alone if you must. Indeed, it’s better to go now to your dream vacation then regret it years later for not.


13. Smile often

Smiling is contagious. When you go to another city or country, every person you face, smile. This shows happiness and gratitude to foreigners in another country.

It’s a universal gesture, similar to music. Smile often and be humble when you visit certain countries. You’ll see there are many unfortunate people in other areas, although, don’t get to personal, you are a tourist.

Be careful and smile often to those who are servicing you at the shops, market, restaurants, and hotels. If you don’t smile at some of those who help you in some countries, it could be a sign of rudeness.


14. Stop and double-check before leaving anywhere


There are some things you must check twice when you go on vacation. If you are traveling in your car, make sure you get it checked. The air in your tires, oil changed, fill up with gas, and windshield fluids are all critical when traveling by car.

Put vehicle insurance papers where they need to be. In fact, check all the visas, passports, traveler’s checks, and your “list” of things you must take on the trip. Go over it all the day before too; “check off” the items on the lists you’ve created before leaving your house or apartment.

Finally, let neighbors know your destination and give them the number of your hotel. Ask them to get your mail if need be. If you’re taking a plane, have your airline tickets ready to show attendants.


15. Traveling confidently

Best Travel Tips

Travel like you know the location. Don’t draw attention too much on yourself or your family. It may be a little difficult but you don’t need to highlight you and your family when in public.

Professional thieves are ready to take advantage of those who put their “guards down’. Be alert and aware of all your surroundings and it’s best you do not carry cash.


Finally, when you expect that a trip during the holidays can be busy, expect it to have certain challenges. Those things can happen such as a flat tire or a misdated hotel reservation, don’t put too much emphasis on it and allow you a ruined vacation, move one and pass it up.

There’s only so much time to spend out on vacation or out of town during the holiday season. When travelers hop on a plane, train, or automobile during the holidays.

Remember your lists and your passports or visas and your phone. These are important when traveling, But also, these are “My 15 Best Travel Tips” when traveling overseas or out-of-town this year.

These are the main things to remember. As a major tip for the traveler during the holidays, make those lists and check them twice!


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