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We love playing games together as a family when we travel. Here is our list our best travel games for kids
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Long trips with your car or rental car often mean stress for adults and boredom for children. Unless you know the right travel games! We know 14 beautiful games for on the way, with which the journey into the holidays passes by in flight.

“How much longer?” It sounds from the back seat every 5 minutes while you try to focus on the road. What has happened to us for a long time is an eternity for children. No wonder that little angels on hours of car trips easily turn into whining torturers.

The saving idea for bored children and annoyed parents are travel games. We’ve collected 14 exciting on-the-go games that kids, big and small, can enjoy, and get along without toys. All you need is a bit of imagination and creativity!

Do not forget to stop moving

With these 14 on-the-go travel games, you can help your kids spend time in the car while promoting their mental abilities. However, car games do not replace regular breaks in the fresh air.

Even if the offspring do not have to go to the bathroom, you should take a break of 20-30 minutes at least every 3-4 hours, in which the children can let off steam. Ideal for this is, of course, rest areas with playgrounds.

They can play nerf war gun game. If these are not in sight, propose a race or short catching game. Or you equip yourself from the outset with toys such as jumping ropes, with which you can let off steam in a small space.

You will see: After a break in exercise, the kids are more relaxed and maybe even bridge a part of the journey in peaceful slumber.

Travel games for toddlers

These travel games are suitable for children from 3 years old.

Guess melodies

A person begins to hum a familiar tune (e.g., a nursery rhyme or the theme music from a movie). The other players have to guess the melody. If this succeeds first, it is the next one’s turn.

games for kids

I see something that you do not see

The classic among travel games for toddlers. A player chooses an item that everyone can see and describes it with the phrase, “I see something you do not see and that is – blue/ green/red” (as applicable). The others now have to guess which item is meant.


Color play

An alternative to “I see something you do not see” is the play of colors. You name a color and the little ones have to discover things in that color. The one who has found the most has won.

Best travel games for kids


Tell stories again

“Once upon a time there was a little princess and a brave little sailor, they went on a journey together …” They start the story; your kids keep on going.

Each person continues the story until he can remember nothing, and then says the name of another player who has to stay. So it goes in turn until an end is found. A very lovely travel game that dispels boredom and promotes creative thinking.


Travel games for schoolchildren

These ideas are for schoolchildren from the age of 6 years. Many of them are also suitable as travel games for adults!


An exciting highlight of the travel games for the car. Before leaving, think about what things you might encounter on the way and note them on a piece of paper (e.g., “castle,” “lake“).

Everyone has to keep their eyes open and tell them when they discover one of these things. There are points for every prediction that has arrived. Simple forecasts like “cow,” “red roof,” “police car” are rewarded with 1 point. For more difficult predictions like “5 black horses in a meadow”, “3 trucks in a row” you get 2 points. Anyone who has collected the most points at the end of the journey is declared a fortune teller king.

Advantage: The game can take the whole ride. Incidentally, it promotes the concentration of your kids.


Tea kettle

The teapot game is an age-old classic, not only in travel games but also in school.

A player thinks up a term that has several meanings, e.g., B. “pear” and “(incandescent) pear.” Now, the different meanings must be described, for. For example: “My teapot can be eaten, and my teapot is needed in the house.” Who guesses the term, gets points. The fewer clues he has used, the more points he gets.


Place name game

You pass a place, for example, Oldenburg. Now it is about collecting more location names that start with “O,” eg. Oberhausen, Olpe, etc. Each player calls a place until no one can think of anything. Then move on to the nearest town near you.

However, even the most relaxed parents will eventually have enough of the angelic squeaks of their offspring. For this case, there is also a silent variant of this travel game for older children: The children write down all the villages that come to mind.

At the next break, the parents count the points together. You can arrange “rewards” beforehand: 15 cities will have ice cream at the next gas station, 20 a comic, 30 toys at the resort.


What happened?

One of the most exciting games on the go: “What happened?” Requires ingenuity from you and combination skills from your kids. You think up a story or think of a story you know, but only tell the end.

A well-known example: “A man lies dead in the desert. His clothes are scattered around him with a match in his hand. What happened?”

Your children now have to guess how it came to this end. For this, they ask you questions that have to be answered with “yes” or “no.” With at least two players and a storyteller, each player may ask questions until one of them is responded to with no. Then it’s the turn of the next one.


Granted – to think of a story for you is the advanced version of this travel game. It is more comfortable with templates from the Internet. Just Google “What happened? Mystery”.


Who or what am I?

Best travel games for kids

A player claims to be another person, an object or a city. The others now have to find out, through yes or no questions, who or what the player is, eg. For example, “Are you a human?”, “Do you have red hair?”, “Are you sitting in this car?”. The first person who guesses correctly is next.


Mark Bingo

For this travel game, you need paper and pencils.

Each player records 10 or 20 different license plates (by city) on a piece of paper. A game master (e.,g. the passenger) calls the license plates of passing cars. If a license plate is indicated on his piece of paper, the player is allowed to cross it out. The first person who crossed out all the dishes has won


I pack my suitcase

And again a well-known classic among the travel games. A player thinks about a thing that he needs on vacation, e.g., B. swimming trunks. He begins the game with the sentence “I pack my suitcase and take … a swimsuit”.

The next person thinks of another item and adds it to the sentence “I pack my suitcase and take with me: swimming trunks, a beach ball.” So the list is continued in a row. If someone forgets a thing in the list or is wrong in the order, he is eliminated.


Find words

Probably you have already played this travel game in the car more often. Players must discover license plates that make up words, such as words. “MA-MA” or “PAUL.” The one who has found the most has won.

Travel rally

This game requires a bit of preparation, but it is a lot of fun and lasts the whole drive. You prepare questions for your rally at home.

  • Which city will we pass first?
  • How many kilometers are between X and Y?
  • What is depicted on the coat of arms of state X?
  • What is the name of the service area where we last took a break?

Correct answers will be rewarded after the trip. For example, the child / may allow the children to determine what is done on the first day of the holidays.


Palm reading

This travel game has two advantages: It is relatively quiet and you do not need paper or pencil. One player writes one after the other letters in the palm of his hand that make a word. The other one has to guess this word. Most suitable for two or more children in the back seat.

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