The 10 Best Luxury Hotels in Barcelona

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Barcelona offers the best of what the Mediterranean has in store for you; a tranquil environment, a lot of sunshine all month long, and great food. You also get to experience a mix of design and cultural influence that you don’t find in cities on the cold northern hemisphere.

This city is a collage of many different architectural styles including dark Gothic facades juxtaposed with harlequin structures built during the time of the Modernistas. The skyline boasts of de Meuron and Jean Nouvel style construction. A day spent admiring these structures ends really well with a visit to any of Barcelona’s beaches to watch the sun go down.

Barcelona is a city that takes pride in its identity, language, traditions and culture. If you intend to visit this city and there is no relative or friend to offer accommodation, there are many good quality hotels that offer excellent services. For that reason, we have put together a tour guide of some of the top-rated hotels in Barcelona. Read on to find out more.

Top 10 Best Hotels in Barcelona

Soho House Barcelona

Soho House Barcelona

Located on the Placa del Duc de Medinali, Soho House Barcelona is only two minutes away from the La Rambla and only 10 minutes from the Cathedral. Its style and character are predominantly English country house yet it feels worn-in and classy like a pair of well-loved brogues.

Soho House Barcelona-pool

The staff are young but very attentive with a level of zeal that is infectious. This hotel offers many plush facilities including a cowshed spa located at the basement, treatment and steam rooms. Rooms are not that huge, and the hotel does not bother to hide it.

Soho House Barcelona-pool

However, the rooms are equipped with a coffee maker, teapots, a pot full of cookies and a well-stocked minibar. The hotel has a restaurant at ground floor level that churns out delicious dishes at very reasonable price.


Majestic Hotel & Spa

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Majestic Hotel & Spa is found in Passeig de Gracia, right between Casa Batllo and Pedrera apartment. It is within proximity to high-end stores. Transportation in and out of this area is not a problem as there are many metros, taxis and buses that pick up and drop nearby. This hotel has borrowed a leaf from the Japanese when it comes to minimalism.

It features many acres of high-quality marble, grand staircases, and neo classical columns. However, they are all put together in hushed tones of cream without chintz.

The hotel offers good quality services, and you do not need to hustle to find what want, be it a baby’s nappy or a restaurant reference. The rooms are well decorated with classical undertones, stripped draperies and matching wallpapers. Food is offered in a beautiful dining room on the first floor while the best place for lunch is on the roof.


H10 Cubik

H10 Cubik is a four star hotel located in Via Laietana. The hustle and bustle of street life vanishes the moment you step inside. Due to its central location, you can easily walk to Raval and born or the Gothic Quarter. Thus, it is ideal for tourists who are looking for a convenient place from which to explore the city of Barcelona.

This hotel was styled by Lazaro Rosa and its décor is inspirational right from when you step inside. H10 Cubik offers efficient and warm services thanks to its team of immaculate and professional staff. It boasts of a rooftop terrace and modern well-equipped assembly rooms. Accommodation is spacious and well light.

At the ground floor, a bar offers light snacks like salads and sandwiches. Live bands accompany the main dishes such as Angus, Roast lamb, and seafood, so you have no reason not to be here to watch the sun go down. Breakfast is served at their Market restaurant and includes pastries, fresh fruit, and meats.



B-Hotel is located a stone’s throw away from Mount Montjuic in central Barcelona. The first thing that strikes visitors to this hotel is its honeycombed and minimalist façade. However, as you go in, you find intelligent lighting that gives it a glowing spaceship-like look.

The staff are welcoming and very attentive right from the start. Their facilities are well above most three star hotels. There are large rooms for meetings while its sunroof features terraces and a pool for those who like to sunbath as they sip a cocktail. Its rooms are clean and they offer you a lot of comfort including armchairs, sofas and a desk.

This hotel has no restaurant, although you can find salmon wraps at the B-Bar or the roof top bar. Breakfast is offered on a sunlit mezzanine floor and includes fruit, pastries, meats and hot dishes as well.


Almanac Barcelona

Almanac Barcelona is a sleek hotel located off Ritzy Boulevard in the exclusive neighborhood of Eixample. It is home to many iconic Antoni Gaudi buildings. Within walking distance from the hotel, you will find dinning and shopping centers.

Important locations such as the historic old town and the Ramblas are just five minutes away. Its interior décor dates back to the 1920s and the hotel has used intelligent lighting to define different areas. On arrival, you are provided personalized care and the staff are always ready to help.

The hotel’s facilities include treatment fitness rooms where guests can relax. Its biggest attraction is the muti-tiered terraces at the rooftop, from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of Barcelona. Each of the rooms in this hotel features a smartphone and tablet that links the customer to the concierge. Breakfast is impressive and is served between 7 and 11 am in the Linia Brasseri. The main dish is fish, but you can find other meat options.


Casa Camper Barcelona

Casa Camper Barcelona is located to the north of Carrer del Pintor Fortuny. As you walk into this hotel, you are welcomed by instructions, greetings and slogans across the walls in a variety of typography. The hotel does not have written instructions because it wants to encourage staff and customers to interact.

Returning customers are often lured back by its relaxed and friendly atmosphere and the staff make it their business to know your name. The rooms are cozy but minimalist while the snack bar stocks salads, wraps, softs and dessert. There is also a Japanese restaurant, where food is served around a horseshoes bar and food is anything from narezushi to honey glazed pork. Rooms are wheelchair friendly and there are those that are specially adapted for the physically challenged.


Casa Mimosa

Found in the stylish Eixample neighborhood, H10 Casa Mimosa is only a street away from the famous Passeig de Gracia, which is where you will find the best restaurants and stores in Barcelona. The hotel is housed in a beautiful and modern building.

The interior features moody illumination and an indulgent color palette creating a welcoming atmosphere. The staff offers efficient and warm service. The hotel has relaxation terraces that span the entire top floor. Visitors enjoy a romantic and well-designed vista and a sun lounger.

The rooms are large and well lit and feature a huge bed, television and a coffee maker. Breakfast is impressive and is served every day at the sunlit El Til-er Restaurant. The restaurant also offers a variety of Mediterranean foods the entire day.


H10 Metropolitan

H10 Metropolitan is a four star hotel found in Rambla de Catalunya. From H10 Metropolitan, glitzy avenue is two minutes away. There are exclusive restaurants and boutiques in the vicinity while the city beaches are only minutes away.

The interior furnishing pays homage to the industrial era that caused wealth to flow into the city of Barcelona. Staff who are dedicated and pristine provide Service at H10 Metropolitan. The hotel’s roof top houses sun loungers and there is a large swimming pool too.

Although the rooms are average in size, they are rich in amenities and style. H10 Metropolitan provides large beds, coffee machine, music speakers and a television. Breakfast is offered in a stylish kitchen and includes pastries, fresh fruit, meat, and cheese. There is also cooked food that is prepared to your specification. Casual dinner or lunch is provided at their Eden bar and the menu consists of salads, sandwiches, and tapas.


W Barcelona

W Barcelona is located in Passeig Joan de Borbo, which is close to the sea. If you are a sea gazer or beach goer, this hotel is the best place to find accommodation. This hotel sticks up into the sky like a sail in the wind. It is a high-end hotel that also looks sexy and young without troubling too much.

The hotel’s focus is casual, young and friendly, so the staff are not into starchy work uniforms. There are many facilities including a swimming pool, gym and a recording studio. Rooms do not cause much excitement because they are somewhat plain, although they offer a nice view of the surrounding.

You have plenty of venues to choose from for dinner including lobby area and the salt beach. Breakfast comes in Brave24 or Wave in many different combinations, however, the most basic breakfast consists of cold and hot dishes.


Casa Bonay

Located between Carrer de Ballen and Carrer de Girona, this hotel is the latest addition to the list of high-end tourist facilities. This hotel combines a bit of New York and Mediterranean culture to promote quality above frippery. At the reception, it’s all informality and first names.

Casa Bonay has few facilities, but you can borrow a patin boat from a local beach club at no cost. There are showers on the terraces at the roof where you can cool down once you have had enough of sunbathing. The hotel offers yoga, space for events and bikes free of charge. Because of its layout, the rooms come in different sizes but they all have a bedside carafe, water, and a minibar.


Why Barcelona is the city to visit

Barcelona offers a unique experience. You get to enjoy the passion of the people, their culture, cuisines and history. Visit Barcelona and soak in all the wonderful things that make it a unique city, and the characteristics that have made it a vibrant destination for tourists from all around the world.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, Barcelona has a lot to offer in terms of its rich culture and hospitality. As a tourist visiting Barcelona, accommodation is guaranteed and you can stay in any of the hotels we have talked about because you are assured of good quality services, good food and a hospitable environment.

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